AMER [2009]

BELGIUM/FRANCE RUNNING TIME: 90 mins AVAILABLE ON DVD REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera   Three segments in the life of Ana. Firstly, when she is a girl living in a big spooky mansion, she finds a […]


Axe (AKA Lisa Lisa) (1977)

  [youtube][/youtube] Directed by: Frederick R Friedel First released in 1982 Current status: Available uncut in both the UK and US (contains spoilers) Known as Axe for its UK release, this film was also known […]


F. (2010)

[youtube][/youtube] After the success of Eden Lake, Ills, The Strangers and Cherry Tree Lane, it would seem the “hoodie-horror” is well and truly alive and kicking. F. Continues the tradition, although puts an added spin […]


Anthropophagous Beast (1980)

[youtube][/youtube] Directed by: Joe D’Amato First released: 1983 Current status: UK release is heavily cut, available uncut in the US Having never really heard of Joe D’Amato until now (shame on me I know!) I […]


Absurd A.K.A Horrible (1981)

[youtube][/youtube] Directed by: Joe D’Amato First released: 1982 Current Status: Still banned in the UK, available uncut in the US. So, the first film on the Video Nasties list is this, a film called Absurd […]


Outcast (2010) by Pazuzu

[youtube][/youtube] Boy, where to begin with this! We have three involving, at times complicated plots on offer here, each one heading towards the other in one of the most inventive and original horrors I have […]


Open House (2010) by Pazuzu

[youtube][/youtube] This new “home invasion” thriller come horror is directed by the gorgeous Anna Paquin’s older brother, and he very kindly gives her the tiniest cameo in the film. It shows the desperation here because […]