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SEANCE (2021)

SEANCE (2021) Directed by Simon Barrett Streaming now on Shudder and on Blu-Ray from 17th January 2022 With shades of an old fashioned Giallo horror, Simon Barrett’s directing debut fails to excite or bore When […]

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FREAKY (2020)

Vince Vaughan goes all Jodie Foster/Lindsey Lohan in Christopher Landon’ s horror redo of the much loved body swap tale. A young teenage girl swaps bodies with a male criminal and we watch in amusement […]

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SMILEY FACE KILLERS (2020) Directed by Tim Hunter Some brutal images of animal violence open up Bret Easton Ellis’ SMILEY FACE KILLERS, a film inspired by the theory of serial killers being responsible for the […]


CRY HAVOC (2020)

CRY HAVOC (2020) Written and Directed by Rene Perez A young journalist manages to secure an interview with an elusive criminal on the FBI’s most wanted list, known simply as ‘The Voyeur’. Accused of creating […]

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TRICK (2019)

TRICK (2019) Directed by Patrick Lussier A group of high school friends are celebrating Halloween at a house party when one of the guests, Patrick ‘Trick’ Weaver, turns psycho during a game of ‘Spin The […]