OMICRON [1963]

ITALY AVAILABLE on YOUTUBE [see bottom] RUNNING TIME: 102 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera Factory worker Angelo is found dead in a park in very mysterious circumstances except that there’s what looks like an insect […]

Chhorii film poster

CHHORII (2021)

CHHORII (2021) Directed by Vishal Furia Available on Amazon Video Hindi Language with English Subtitles When Hemant is beaten up by a loan shark’s goons, he disappears during the night with heavily pregnant wife Sakshi […]

HCF Reviews

Jumbo (2021)

Scream if you wanna go faster! In 2004, competitive archer, and Olympic gold medal winner, Erika Labrie, got married. In a ceremony of commitment, she took her partners surname, and now goes by Erika Eiffel. […]