AMER [2009]

BELGIUM/FRANCE RUNNING TIME: 90 mins AVAILABLE ON DVD REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera   Three segments in the life of Ana. Firstly, when she is a girl living in a big spooky mansion, she finds a […]


Dabbe (2006)

[youtube][/youtube] What’s that, i hear you say? Dabbe? Never bloody heard of it! Oh, and it’s Turkish. Turkish???? Pazuzu must be out of his bloody mind. What the hell is an unknown Turkish horror doing […]


EL TOPO [1970]

MEXICO AVAILABLE ON DVD RUNNING TIME: 125 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera   A gunfighter, who calls himself God, rides around with his son dispensing justice. After he avenges a horrific massacre, he takes up […]



MEXICO AVAILABLE ON DVD RUNNING TIME: 96 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera   Traveling through a bleak wasteland are Fando, who is impotent, and Lis, who is crippled. Both are scarred by bad childhood memories, […]


Angst (1983)

Angst is an extremely brutal but effective Belgian release that revolves around a 12 hour bloody rampage by a psychopath (a fantastic performance by Erwin Leder) who has just stepped out of jail. It has similarities technically […]