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LET IT SNOW (2020)

LET IT SNOW Directed by Stanislav Kapralov Drawing first blood this year, having the honours of being the first new film I’ve seen, is Let It Snow. From writer/ director Stanislav Kapralov, this horror-thriller takes […]

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CAMP KILLER Directed by Shawn Jones Michael and Jason aren’t known for their conversation skills. Heck, I remember when Rob Zombie’s remake of the former was still to come out and fans were enraged when […]

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FOX TRAP (2016)

Festival Screenings – 30th October 2016 General UK Release Date – 11th July 2017 AKA – Beauty Queen Massacre I guess it was inevitable that the post Scream slasher era of the 1990s would be […]

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A SCREAM Look Back

 As the world awaits for the long anticipated fourth trip back to Woodsboro, here at HorrorCultFilms we decided to ask Ross Hughes, who is a massive Scream fanatic, to dust down his collection and remind us of why […]