Sect, The (La Setta) (1991)

    The Sect (La Setta) (1991) (18) Running time: 112 minutes Director: Michele Soavi Writers: Dario Argento, Gianni Romoli, Michele Soavi Cast: Kelly Curtis, Herbert Lom, Michel Adatte, Mariangela Girdano Reviewed by: Matt Wavish […]

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GIALLO DIRECTED BY:Dario Argento WRITTEN BY:Jim Agnew, Sean Keller STARRING:Adrien Brody, Emmanuelle Seigner, Elsa Pataki, Robert Marano RUNNING TIME:88 mins REVIEWED BY:Dr Lenera, Offiial HCF critic In Torino, Italy, a young woman catches a taxi […]

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“Hell is behind that door!” I must be honest and own up, I’m a Dario Argento noob here so as its my first foray into his work (and probably Giallo itself) I figure I’d start […]



[1985] People from all walks of life are invited to a special screening at an isolated movie theatre.  As some are disgusted by the film, a vicious horror flick about a prophecy of Nostradamus which […]