Angst (1983)

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Angst is an extremely brutal but effective Belgian release that revolves around a 12 hour bloody rampage by a psychopath (a fantastic performance by Erwin Leder) who has just stepped out of jail.

It has similarities technically and artistically with Henry – Portrait of a Serial Killer but perhaps, due to it’s origins of release, is criminally neglected in the genre.
Most of the plaudits must go to Leder who carries the film (rather too convincingly) and is present throughout the film’s short running time. Some of the scenes, especially that of the abuse of a mentally handicapped man are almost unwatchable although less graphic than some of the comparable Hollywood offerings.

This is a lean, mean beast of a movie that although not easy, is compulsive viewing.
Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

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