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LET IT SNOW (2020)

LET IT SNOW Directed by Stanislav Kapralov Drawing first blood this year, having the honours of being the first new film I’ve seen, is Let It Snow. From writer/ director Stanislav Kapralov, this horror-thriller takes […]

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SMILEY FACE KILLERS (2020) Directed by Tim Hunter Some brutal images of animal violence open up Bret Easton Ellis’ SMILEY FACE KILLERS, a film inspired by the theory of serial killers being responsible for the […]

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INHERITANCE (2020) Directed by Vaughn Stein After her father’s death, district attorney Lauren Monroe is dismayed to be left peanuts in comparison to her brother, William, who’s running for senator. Knowing she was never the […]

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THE FINAL WISH (2020) Directed by Timothy Woodward Jr. Aaron Hammond, a struggling law graduate in Chicago, returns to his family home in the sticks after learning of his father’s death. Whilst attempting to sell […]



PROXIMITY (2020) Directed by Eric Demeusy A young man named Isaac goes hiking in the woods, recording a personal video diary on the suggestion of his therapist, when he witnesses a mysterious flying object crash […]