Where Does a Body End? (2020)

Available on DVD/Blu-Ray/Vimeo Monoduo Films For the uninitiated, I’d describe the music of Swans as the soundtrack for the end of the world. At their heaviest, they’re extremely loud, overbearing, and hypnotising. Where Does a […]

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Verotika (2019)

Verotika is the cinematic debut of punk rock legend Glenn Danzig. With his anthology film, Danzig comes full circle; from his music, most noticeably with the Misfits, being massively influenced by old school horror, he […]

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NEFARIOUS (2019) Directed by Richard Rowntree Nefarious is the second film from director Richard Rowntree and co-writer Matthew Davis, following their previous collaboration in the 2017 film “Dogged”. Nefarious follows three, eventually intersecting, narratives: the […]