RoboCop (1987)

RoboCop (1987) Directed by Paul Verhoeven RoboCop Trilogy is available on Blu-Ray Check out more action movies for Father’s Day. Officer Alex Murphy is transferred to a struggling Detroit police station in an area that […]

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White Chamber (2018)

WHITE CHAMBER Directed by Paul Raschid Though horror can get frowned upon for being lowest common denominator, among the most interesting things about the genre is how well it provides a platform to comment on […]

replicas bluray
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  REPLICAS (2018) Directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff Scientist William Foster is on the verge of a biotech breakthrough. Working for a company called Bionyne, Foster and his team are attempting to transplant human consciousness into […]

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Prospect (2018)

PROSPECT (2018) Directed by Christopher Caldwell and Zeek Earl If Star Wars was cowboys and Indians in space, this feature debut from Christopher Caldwell and Zeek Earl extends the sci-fi genre to cover another wild […]


2050 (2018)

2050 (2018) Directed by Princeton Holt A successful young man named Drew is stunned when his girlfriend leaves him for an e-mate, an android programmed to provide pleasure but almost physically indistinguishable from a human. […]

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CLASS OF 1999 (1990)

CLASS OF 1999 (1990) Directed by Mark L. Lester on Blu-Ray The year is 1999 and teenagers of America have become so unruly that the Government have created their own ‘fire-free zones’ – areas swarming […]