The Black Demon


THE BLACK DEMON (2023) Directed by Adrian Grunberg English and Spanish Language with Subtitles Paul Sturgis, an employee for Nixon Oil, is dispatched to Baja to inspect an offshore oil rig named El Diamante, to […]

Cellar Dweller
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CELLAR DWELLER (1988) Directed by John Carl Buechler Available on Blu-Ray in Arrow Video’s Enter The Video Store: Empire of Screams Boxset When cartoonist Colin Childess’ demonic, beastly comic creation comes to life, as illustrated in his […]



COCAINE BEAR (2023) USA RUNNING TIME: 95 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera Cocaine Bear is available now on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital Download In 1985, drug smuggler Andrew C. Thornton II drops […]

Martin 4K UHD
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MARTIN [1977]

USA AVAILABLE ON BLU-RAY: 27TH MARCH, from SECOND SIGHT FILMS RUNNING TIME: 96 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera, Official HCF Critic Martin is not a normal teenager.  Okay – he’s awkward, shy and rarely engages […]

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65 [2023]

USA IN CINEMAS NOW  RUNNING TIME: 95 mins REVIEWED BY; Dr Lenera 65 million years ago on the planet Somaris, pilot Mills convinces his wife Alya that he should go on a two-year space expedition […]

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WOLF [1994]

USA AVAILABLE ON BLU-RAY, DVD and DIGITAL RUNNING TIME: 125 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera Aging, run down editor-in-chief of a publishing house Will Randall gets demoted when it gets taken over by tycoon Raymond […]

The Dunwich Horror
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THE DUNWICH HORROR (1970) Directed by Daniel Haller Available on Arrow Video Blu-Ray Arkham university lecturer, Dr Henry Armitage, becomes suspicious when the great-grandson of hanged lunatic Oliver Whateley, Wilbur Whateley, arrives at the uni’s […]

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PREY (2022)

The Predator returns to Earth once more in a back to basics approach that proves very much that the hunt is back on…. I can’t start this review without putting my hand up and admitting […]

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  Its been 12 years since Andrew Traucki delivered a shark film with a delicious bite and now he’s finally back with a much anticipated follow up? Does he deliver a worthy fishy tale or […]

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OFFSEASON (2021) Written and Directed by Mickey Keating Screening Exclusively on Shudder Marie Aldrich is summoned to Lone Palm Beach by the graveyard caretaker after her mother Ava’s grave is desecrated. Accompanied by her partner […]