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V/H/S 99 (2022)

V/H/S 99 (2022) A Shudder Original Available on DVD and  Blu-ray The fifth instalment of the successful horror anthology series, V/H/S 99 takes place in the year 1999; a significant moment in time where everything […]

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Pearl (2022)

PEARL Directed by Ti West Ti West movies are like buses: you wait nine years, then two come along. Pearl is the unexpected prequel to X and, despite being shot back-to-back and sharing a lead, […]

Martin 4K UHD
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MARTIN [1977]

USA AVAILABLE ON BLU-RAY: 27TH MARCH, from SECOND SIGHT FILMS RUNNING TIME: 96 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera, Official HCF Critic Martin is not a normal teenager.  Okay – he’s awkward, shy and rarely engages […]

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Play Dead (2022)

PLAY DEAD Directed by Patrick Lussier Rightly or wrongly, horror as a genre often gets ridiculed for having characters make downright daft decisions to move the plot along. Think of the many times they can […]

Dead Bride


DEAD BRIDE (2022) Written and Directed by Francesco Picone Alison returns to her childhood home after the death of her father with husband Richard and their baby Seth in tow. Old memories come back to […]

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65 [2023]

USA IN CINEMAS NOW  RUNNING TIME: 95 mins REVIEWED BY; Dr Lenera 65 million years ago on the planet Somaris, pilot Mills convinces his wife Alya that he should go on a two-year space expedition […]

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SCREAM VI (2023)

  GHOSTFACE is back……again! And this time there is no Sydney Prescott to stop him…. So, onto Scream VI Yes, you read that right! Scream VI. By now a sixth film in a horror franchise […]

trapped alive bluray
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TRAPPED ALIVE (1988) Directed by Leszek Burzynski Available on Arrow Video Blu-Ray Three prisoners carjack and take two young women hostage after breaking out of jail. In an attempt to evade the police who may […]