Short Films

DEAD AIR [2019]

UK RUNNING TIME: 16 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera, Official HCF Critic   Monster Kitten are a female punk band heading for their last gig of their tour. Some sweet talking from their manager gets […]

Short Films

Smear (2017)

SMEAR (2017) Directed by Kate Herron Being not in possession of a vagina, I have never undergone and likely will never undergo a smear test. However, from what I’ve heard about them I consider this […]

Short Films


GIRL AND A SCAR (2017) Written and Directed by David Cave Newcastle-based director David Cave is back after a succesful run on the international festival circuit with his previous short Dystopia St. In his new […]

HCF Reviews

Transmission (2017)

TRANSMISSION (2017) Directed by Parallel Madness I dunno about you, but sometimes I think the modern world’s getting more like the prelude to a dystopian novel. Whether it’s the threat of nuclear war, an erosion […]