Short Films

DEAD AIR [2019]

UK RUNNING TIME: 16 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera, Official HCF Critic   Monster Kitten are a female punk band heading for their last gig of their tour. Some sweet talking from their manager gets […]

Short Films

Smear (2017)

SMEAR (2017) Directed by Kate Herron Being not in possession of a vagina, I have never undergone and likely will never undergo a smear test. However, from what I’ve heard about them I consider this […]

Short Films


GIRL AND A SCAR (2017) Written and Directed by David Cave Newcastle-based director David Cave is back after a succesful run on the international festival circuit with his previous short Dystopia St. In his new […]

HCF Reviews

Transmission (2017)

TRANSMISSION (2017) Directed by Parallel Madness I dunno about you, but sometimes I think the modern world’s getting more like the prelude to a dystopian novel. Whether it’s the threat of nuclear war, an erosion […]


Agatha (2016)

AGATHA (2016) Directed by Timothy Vandenburg One of the joys of going to horror film festivals is seeing the shorts between movies. Although tricky to do well, when they are they can be very rewarding […]