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The Nun (2018)

THE NUN  Directed by  Corin Hardy I didn’t have high hopes. Normally I wouldn’t read other people’s reviews, though over the weekend I struggled to avoid snarky headlines. The Conjuring Universe movies have now become […]

HCF Reviews

CAM-GIRL (2016)

CAM-GIRL (2016) Directed by Curt Wiser The internet’s a scary place. Whether its a cyber-haven for malevolent ghosts, as in Pulse, spooky teen melodrama, as in Unfriended/ Friend Request, sexual predators, as in Megan is […]


The First Purge (2018)

THE FIRST PURGE (2018) Directed by Gerard McMurray The Purge has a great premise. What one night of lawlessness might provoke in individuals usually held in check by society is a great conversation starter for horror […]


Hereditary (2018)

HEREDITARY (2018) Directed by Ari Aster It’s that once or twice a year when mainstream critics embrace our beloved genre again. As such, expect prefixes like ‘intelligent’ or ‘psychological’ to feature heavily to disguise it’s […]