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Saw X (2023)

SAW X Directed by Kevin Greutert By his tenth entry, Jason had become a parasite, then gone to space, and Michael had been rebooted after a rapper kicked him in the face. In contrast, Saw […]

It Follows Second Sight 4k UHD and Bluray

It Follows (2014)

IT FOLLOWS (2014) Directed by David Robert Mitchell Film reviewed in February 2015 Second Sight Films Limited Edition 4K UHD/Blu-Ray details added September 2023 Sometimes you’re pleasantly surprised to be wrong. I caught my first […]


Talk To Me (2023)

TALK TO ME (2023) Directed Danny and Michael Philippou I don’t mean to sound like a stereotypical boomer, moaning about the things kids these days do. But considering the sheer range of daft challenges they […]