The Wendigo
Found Footage


THE WENDIGO (2022) Directed by Jake Robinson A vlogger named Logan goes out into the Appalachian woodland as a dare at the request of his premium subscribers. Always one to obey his paying audience, Logan […]

Found Footage

Stoker Hills

  A hybrid of found footage and conventional, Stoker Hills starts off fast, but quickly loses its way with its grand ambition….. Even though the Found Footage genre has now been literally done to death, […]



AFFLICTED (2013) Written and Directed by Derek Lee and Clif Prowse Two best friends, Derek and Clif, decide to embark on an “end of the world” tour around the globe, blogging about their adventures in […]

Found Footage

CASE 347 (2020)

UK Release Date – TBC When discussing something like the UFO sighting movie Phoenix Forgotten I asked the question; why is the found footage format usually used to depict the supernatural genre? Budgetary concerns? Or […]

e-demon poster
Found Footage

E-DEMON (2018)

E-DEMON (2018) Written and Directed by Jeremy Wechter A group of former college buddies hook up online for their regular video web chat but it seems they’re not alone when a malevolent spirit decides to […]

temple film
Found Footage

TEMPLE (2017)

TEMPLE (2017) Directed by Michael Barrett When Japanese police discover a horribly disfigured body at a small village, they must piece together what happened using DSLR camera footage found at the scene and the testimony […]

Found Footage


Available on DVD 18th September 2017 While subjects like the supernatural and other horror staples have often been the subject of found footage movies, science fiction generally crops up less frequently. I guess it’s more […]

Found Footage

BAD BEN (2016)

BAD BEN (2016) Written and Directed by Nigel Bach Available on Amazon Prime Instant Video After bagging an impressive property with nine acres of land at a knockdown price at a Sheriff’s sale, single man […]