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FORTITUDE: The Story So Far

To celebrate the home entertainment release of the compelling drama FORTITUDE: THE COMPLETE SEASON 2 and FORTITUDE: THE COMPLETE SEASONS 1 & 2, which is available to pre-order now from Amazon and comes to Digital […]


The Mastery of Hitchcock

  Directors and stars of horror films may come and go with the changing fashions in horror but Alfred Hitchcock’s work never loses its entertainment value. The thrill of sitting down to watch a Hitchcock […]

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The Void (2016)

THE VOID (2016) Directed by Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski As a title, The Void may make you think of nothingness – yet that’s the last thing you’ll feel about it. Writer/ director team Steven […]



MY FATHER DIE (2016) Written and Directed by Sean Brosnan After discovering his teenage son Chester sleeping with his underage mistress, Ivan brutally beats the young man to death whilst injuring his youngest son Asher. […]

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ZOMBIE LAKE (1981) Directed by Jean Rollin On DVD from Black House A small village in France is terrorised by a group of undead Nazi soldiers that were once killed and thrown into the nearby […]