HorrorCultFilms was created late 2010 as a simple review site, but in March 2011, it turned into much more. Like a beast in heat, HCF burst out of it’s cage and grew bigger and bigger until it covered most aspects of cinema, giving you all the latest news coverage, reviews and trailers you could handle!

As you may or may not have noticed, HCF is a British website.
When we’re not spending time sipping Pimms on the lawn, playing croquet and eating cucumber sandwiches, we are slaving over a hot computer, sticking microphones into film-makers faces and generally making a nuisance of ourselves.

Our team spans the whole of the UK – Scotland, Wales, Northern England, Midlands and Southern England. We are everywhere. We’re even in your house, raiding your DVD collection! You can trust HCF to give you the low down on all the film news as it breaks.

Whilst we have a team that runs the site (you can meet us all here), we encourage you, the user, tell us what you think! Maybe we have reviewed a film and you think the complete opposite. Let us know your views! Simply leave a comment under the posts on site, on our Facebook or on Twitter.

If you’ve any questions regarding the site or being featured, drop us an email