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KNOCKING (2021) aka Knackningar Directed by Frida Kempff This Swedish tale delivers the paranoia and more grown up horror, but does it do enough to entice and thrill? Knock Knock…….who is there?….Knock Knock…. That may seem […]

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SEANCE (2021)

SEANCE (2021) Directed by Simon Barrett Streaming now on Shudder and on Blu-Ray from 17th January 2022 With shades of an old fashioned Giallo horror, Simon Barrett’s directing debut fails to excite or bore When […]



BIGFOOT HUNTERS (2019) Directed by Zach Lamplugh On digital now from Fractured Visions Cameraman and producer Zach Lamplugh joins longtime collaborator, journalist Brian Emond, to document the hunt for Bigfoot in the Appalachian foothills, but […]

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Antlers (2021)

ANTLERS Directed by Scott Cooper The generous release schedule of low to medium budget horrors continues, with this long-awaited flick from Searchlight Pictures (now owned by Disney, thus this comes to you via the house […]