Black Friday

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Bruce Campbell is back among the dead in this low budget caper that harks back to a golden age of horror daftness….

For every serious horror release in which we use Hereditary as an example, there is the opposite like Black Friday, a cheerful daft low budget zombie movie that relies on good old fashioned fun and a reminder that this genre can be just as enjoyable when its not taking itself too seriously.

As a horror fan, how can you not be swayed when you see icon Bruce Campbell back in a hardware store, battling among the undead and while he basically takes a backseat when the mayhem hits, he’s still a captivating watch among a stellar cast who really do give it their all.

When a cast is having so much fun, then it carries the necessary energy a film with such a basic plot needs and it helps that we have some familiar faces to get us onboard with the always dependable Devon Sawa and Michael J White on top form, bringing the much needed laughs among the gore.

Coming across like a demented love child between George Romero and Peter Jackson, like the title spells out, BLACK FRIDAY is set on the day where bargains are ready to be bought, the customer is always right and if you one of the most unfortunate of staff to be working on that day, then you know how stressful its all set to get.

Now add a Zombie attack or Alien invasion (its a bit of mix) then the retail staff at We Love Toys are in for a day they’ll never forget.

Writer Andy Greskovia and director Casey Tebo are not interested in the satirical approach of consumer warfare, instead bringing some old fashioned monster effects and some snazzy prosthetics that makes you feel like you watching an 80’s horror.

Not all of it works, but seeing Campbell in a bow tie next to a teddy bear named Dour Dennis and enough deadites to make us smile, Black Friday is a nice little romp that will delight fans looking for a quick fix.

Just think of it as a bargain basement Evil Dead.……in a good way!

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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