The Toll (2020)

  Michael Nader’s directing debut owes a lot to many films before it, but shows enough ambition and creativity of its own to make it one of 2021’s most welcome treats…. Recalling such delights like the […]

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  Another year, another “there is something wrong with my son” horror movie, but if you look past the familiar beats, Ivan Kavanagh has delivered a gruesome and chilling 2021 treat…. If you can imagine […]

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Blood Red Sky

  Its Passenger 57 meets 30 Days of Nights in this action/horror mashup that lands its touchdown as one of 2021’s most unexpected delights…. Just when we thought we had seen everything possible with the […]

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Werewolves Within

  Its Knives Out with a furry howling creature in the midst…… I love nothing more than a good Werewolf movie but sadly the genre has been lacking some serious quality entries over the years with the […]



  A troubled young girl, struggling with the death of her mother and her father’s new romance, gets the anger therapy she needs when a gang of escaped convicts knock on the door, in this […]


Honest Thief

  Liam Neeson is once more on the phone, threatening all those who have done him wrong, in this by the numbers action thriller from the co-creator of Oziak By now a Liam Neeson action film follows the […]