Body Cam

A hybrid of The Grudge and End Of Watch, this Mary J Blige chiller has a deep rooted message within its story, but sells itself short in the scares….. For some strange reason the use […]

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The Wretched

A young man, struggling to find his way in life after his parents separation, discovers that a 1000 year old witch has targeted the young family next door. But who will believe him? In this […]

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I See You

  Finally getting a UK release on May 25th, I See You is a twist heavy horror/noir that when finally released, deserves your immediate attention. Just don’t watch the trailer….. I See You came to my horror senses, […]

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Sea Fever

  The Thing goes Irish in this impressive looking debut feature by Neasa Hardiman that’s high in dread, but low on scares…. Horror on the sea is a long established entry in the genre that […]



  Chris Hemsworth puts down the hammer and picks up a gun in Netflix’s impressive looking but quite bland action blockbuster…. When you start with your hero looking all bloody and facing death, then you […]



  A group of war veterans must defend their local VFW post and an innocent teen against a deranged drug dealer and his relentless army of punk mutants in this futuristic but 80’s style romp…. Its […]