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AKA HAUTE TENSION, SWITCHBLADE ROMANCE FRANCE Running Time: 91 mins Releases on 22nd January 2024 Second Sight Limited Edition Dual Format 4K UHD & Blu-Ray is available for pre-order Also available on standalone standard edition […]

Ginger Snaps Trilogy
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GINGER SNAPS 2: UNLEASHED (2004) Directed by Brett Sullivan Trilogy available on Limited-Edition Blu-ray Box Set from Second Sight Films After the death of her sister Ginger, and having been infected with the lycanthropic disease that claimed […]

Ginger Snaps Trilogy
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GINGER SNAPS (2000) Directed by John Fawcett Trilogy available on Limited-Edition Blu-ray Box Set from Second Sight Films The Fitzgerald sisters, Ginger and Brigitte, are inseparable social misfits living in the suburbs of Bailey Downs. Obsessed […]

Chopper Second Sight Bluray

CHOPPER (2000)

CHOPPER (2000) Directed by Andrew Dominik Available now from Second Sight Films Mark Brandon Read, also known by the moniker Chopper, is serving a prison sentence for abducting a judge, but during his stint behind […]

It Follows Second Sight 4k UHD and Bluray

It Follows (2014)

IT FOLLOWS (2014) Directed by David Robert Mitchell Film reviewed in February 2015 Second Sight Films Limited Edition 4K UHD/Blu-Ray details added September 2023 Sometimes you’re pleasantly surprised to be wrong. I caught my first […]

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MAY (2002)

MAY (2002) Written and Directed by Lucky McKee Available on limited edition Blu-Ray from Second Sight Films From a young age, having been diagnosed with and bullied for having a lazy eye and forced to […]

The Changeling (Second Sight Films BluRay)


  THE CHANGELING (1980) USA/Canada AVAILABLE ON 4K UHD and BLU-RAY from Second Sight Films RUNNING TIME: 115 min REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera John Russell, a composer living in New York, moves across the country […]

Martin 4K UHD
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MARTIN [1977]

USA AVAILABLE ON BLU-RAY: 27TH MARCH, from SECOND SIGHT FILMS RUNNING TIME: 96 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera, Official HCF Critic Martin is not a normal teenager.  Okay – he’s awkward, shy and rarely engages […]