Final Summer
HCF Reviews


FINAL SUMMER (2023) Written and Directed by John Isberg Available on digital in the UK A group of councillors at Camp Silverlake are winding down the camp following a tragic accident, with the owner set […]

Valley Girl


VALLEY GIRL (1983) Directed by Martha Coolidge Available on Blu-Ray from Eureka Entertainment After dumping her boring jock boyfriend Tommy, Julie continues her search for Mr Right. Could the dashing guy at the beach be […]

It Follows Second Sight 4k UHD and Bluray

It Follows (2014)

IT FOLLOWS (2014) Directed by David Robert Mitchell Film reviewed in February 2015 Second Sight Films Limited Edition 4K UHD/Blu-Ray details added September 2023 Sometimes you’re pleasantly surprised to be wrong. I caught my first […]