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DUEL (1971)

DUEL (1971) Directed by Steven Spielberg A businessman (Dennis Weaver) on his way to a meeting with a client comes across a dirty, large tanker truck on the road through the Mojave desert. Unwilling to […]

street mobster


STREET MOBSTER (1972) aka¬†Gendai yakuza: hito-kiri yota Directed by Kinji Fukasaku Japanese Language with Subtitles Okita Isamu, a criminal street punk, finds himself behind bars for taking revenge against a Yakuza clan. On his release […]


SHUT IN (2016)

SHUT IN (2016) Directed by Farren Blackburn A couple decide to send their son away following his expulsion from school. Whilst the father is driving the son to his destination, the two argue causing the […]

HCF Reviews


WELCOME HOME Directed by George Ratliff The internet has gifted horror fans many things including numerous forums, dedicated streaming services and many great review sites (like this one). Along with the premise for a whole […]


SIBERIA (2018)

SIBERIA (2018) Directed by Matthew Ross Diamond dealer Lucas is in Russia to sell some rare blue diamonds but his business partner Pyotr has disappeared, reported to have fled the hotel he was staying at […]


THEY LIVE (1988)

THEY LIVE (1988) Directed by John Carpenter Nada, a drifter, finds himself in the middle of a war between a group of activists on his camp site and the police. After everything calms down enough […]