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WELCOME HOME Directed by George Ratliff The internet has gifted horror fans many things including numerous forums, dedicated streaming services and many great review sites (like this one). Along with the premise for a whole […]


SIBERIA (2018)

SIBERIA (2018) Directed by Matthew Ross Diamond dealer Lucas is in Russia to sell some rare blue diamonds but his business partner Pyotr has disappeared, reported to have fled the hotel he was staying at […]


THEY LIVE (1988)

THEY LIVE (1988) Directed by John Carpenter Nada, a drifter, finds himself in the middle of a war between a group of activists on his camp site and the police. After everything calms down enough […]

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THE SUPER (2017)

THE SUPER (2017) Directed by Stephen Rick Phil, a widower, and his two daughters move into an apartment building in New York City where he has gained employment as a Super. Working alongside Walter and […]

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THE DARK (2018)

Available now on Amazon Prime Well at least they didn’t give up entirely and call it The Woods. To say this is an unoriginal film may be a minor understatement as they crib from a […]



DEADBEAT AT DAWN (1988) Available from Arrow Video 22nd October 2018 He quit the gangs. They killed his girl. He became… Deadbeat at Dawn. Or so the tag-line for Jim Van Bebber’s blood drenched thriller […]



DEATH KISS (2018) Written and Directed by Rene Perez Scumbags have been ruling the streets of America for far too long. Fortunately, there’s a familiar face to dish out some brutal justice in Rene Perez’s […]

the hatred


THE HATRED (2017) Written and Directed by Michael G. Kehoe Reagan is invited to stay at her old professor’s home for the weekend and invites three of her school friends along to make it into […]



AKA Armomurhaaja UK Release Date – To be confirmed People taking their sick pets to be put down might not seem like the most obvious choice of subject matter for a thriller, but Finnish director […]