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LET IT SNOW (2020)

LET IT SNOW Directed by Stanislav Kapralov Drawing first blood this year, having the honours of being the first new film I’ve seen, is Let It Snow. From writer/ director Stanislav Kapralov, this horror-thriller takes […]


SEIZED (2020)

SEIZED (2020) Directed by Isaac Florentine Out now on DVD and Digital A father is forced back into the world he left behind when his son is kidnapped. Ordered to wipe out three cartel heads, […]

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USA  RUNNING TIME: 110 min AVAILABLE ON BLU-RAY, DVD AND DOWNLOAD REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera   Struggling actor Jake Scully loses his role as a vampire in a low-budget horror movie after his claustrophobia thwarts […]

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SPELL (2020)

SPELL (2020) Directed by Mark Tonderai Available on digital download Lawyer Marquis T. Wood and his family crash in their light aircraft on the way to his childhood home in Appalachia to bury his father. […]

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URUBÚ (2019) [Grimmfest 2020 Review]

URUBÚ (2019) Directed by Alejandro Ibáñez Spanish and Portuguese Language with English Subtitles Screened at Grimmfest 2020 Wildlife photographer and ornithologist Tomás travels with his family to the Amazon rainforest to take photos of the […]

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INHERITANCE (2020) Directed by Vaughn Stein After her father’s death, district attorney Lauren Monroe is dismayed to be left peanuts in comparison to her brother, William, who’s running for senator. Knowing she was never the […]