Wild Things Bluray
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WILD THINGS (1998) Directed by John McNaughton Sam Lombardo (Matt Dillon), a handsome guidance councillor at a high school in Blue Bay, Florida, finds himself in hot water when two students, rich girl Kelly Van […]

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THE DARKER THE LAKE (2022) Directed by Lok Kwan Woo Available on Digital With a spate of mysterious deaths in their Austrian town, raging from killings to suicides, detectives Tamara and Lukas investigate and find […]


THE LEDGE (2022)

THE LEDGE (2022) Directed by Howard J. Ford Available on Digital from 14th March 2022 and DVD 21st March 2022  After witnessing a group of men committing a crime, a young woman finds herself trapped […]

midnight bluray


MIDNIGHT (2021) Directed by Oh-Seung Kwon Korean Language with English Subtitles Available on Blu-Ray A deaf young woman named Kyung-mi becomes the target of a mysterious serial killer prowling the streets at night. When she […]

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FRESH (2022)

FRESH (2022) Directed by Mimi Cave Streaming on Disney+ from 18th March 2022 Young woman Noa is having a hard time trying to find a partner. After going on numerous disastrous dates with men she’s […]

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Zeros and Ones (2022)

Set in a covid riddled world, Ethan Hawke plays American military operative JJ. Called to Rome to prevent an approaching terrorist bombing, all the while searching for information for his imprisoned and now believed to […]

End of Days

END OF DAYS (1999)

END OF DAYS (1999) Directed by Peter Hyams After their Wall Street client is shot at, private security officers Jericho and Chicago hunt down the man responsible. Discovering the culprit has ties to the church, […]



THRESHOLD (2020) Directed by Powell Robertson and Robert Patrick Young Streaming now on Arrow or available on Blu-Ray Leo finds himself on a road trip across the US with his sister Virginia who claims that […]