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SCREAM VI (2023)

  GHOSTFACE is back……again! And this time there is no Sydney Prescott to stop him…. So, onto Scream VI Yes, you read that right! Scream VI. By now a sixth film in a horror franchise […]

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David Gordan Green brings to an end his own trilogy of the Michael Myers saga with an entry that is perhaps the boldest and ambitious of its entire 44-year run, the trouble is, it forgets […]

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Day Shift

  Jamie Foxx is hunting down Vampires, in this overlong and quickly tiresome Netflix actioner…. An opening act in which Bud (Jamie Foxx) whips out a shotgun full of wooden pellets and has a slam-dunk with […]

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PREY (2022)

The Predator returns to Earth once more in a back to basics approach that proves very much that the hunt is back on…. I can’t start this review without putting my hand up and admitting […]

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Student Body

A high school slasher that offers the kills, but lacks the thrills…… These days to make a slasher film you have to pick either Path A or Path B. If you go down the first […]


The Gray Man

  Gosling goes all Bourne in a frantic actioner from the Russo brothers….. With chunky dialogue like “007 was taken!“, The Gray Man, the new £200m action piece with a stellar cast from NETFLIX, may shoot high with ambition, but […]

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  A marriage counselling horror flick? Just remember to open the door for your wife…. After briefly reenergizing the found footage genre with the pretty decent The Gallows (lets not talk about the sequel), directors Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff […]

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The Innocents

  Not your typical kids flick…. Placing a child in a horror situation is a pretty terrifying watch but one that guarantees some moments of scare and blood curdling chills as the viewer has no […]

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  Its been 12 years since Andrew Traucki delivered a shark film with a delicious bite and now he’s finally back with a much anticipated follow up? Does he deliver a worthy fishy tale or […]

Found Footage

Stoker Hills

  A hybrid of found footage and conventional, Stoker Hills starts off fast, but quickly loses its way with its grand ambition….. Even though the Found Footage genre has now been literally done to death, […]


The Power (2021)

  A young nurse fights off ghouls in the dark in Corinna Faith’s electrifying directing debut….. Its 1973 and Great Britain is having literally one of its darkest periods. A labour government in crisis and the miners […]

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SEANCE (2021)

SEANCE (2021) Directed by Simon Barrett Streaming now on Shudder and on Blu-Ray from 17th January 2022 With shades of an old fashioned Giallo horror, Simon Barrett’s directing debut fails to excite or bore When […]

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SCREAM (2022)

  “What’s your favorite Scary Movie” roars Ghostface for the fifth time of asking as a new masked fiend targets a new set of movie loving teenagers… Good or bad its like 1996 all over […]

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KNOCKING (2021) aka Knackningar Directed by Frida Kempff This Swedish tale delivers the paranoia and more grown up horror, but does it do enough to entice and thrill? Knock Knock…….who is there?….Knock Knock…. That may seem […]