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The Odds (2018)

THE ODDS Directed by Bob Giordano What are you willing to lose for a million pounds? That’s the question asked by new indy horror The Odds, in which a young woman (Butler, as The Player) […]

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Ma (2019)

MA (2019) Directed by Tate Taylor Recently I was walking towards town when a couple of kids, no older than fifteen, asked me to go into the local Tesco and pick them up some spirits. […]

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AKA Monster Party Available now on VOD and DVD Genre hopping movies that suddenly draw a dramatic line under the first forty-five minutes of a narrative aren’t often a thing for one reason or another, […]


DEMONIA [1990]

Italy AVAILABLE ON DVD [REGION 1 ONLY] RUNNING TIME: 84 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera, Official HCF Critic   Sicily 1486: a mob of villagers crucify and burn five nuns, suspected of witchcraft, in a […]