THE EVIL WITHIN (2017) Written and Directed by Andrew Getty Mentally handicapped Dennis is a troubled young man. After enduring a wicked nightmare when he was young about a haunted house ride at the funfair […]

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NARCOS – Season Two Review

NARCOS (2016) Season Two Review On DVD in the UK now Spanish and English language with English subtitles After storming Pablo Escobar’s self-made prison La Catedral and coming up empty handed after Escobar’s cunning escape, […]

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AKA Worm Available to stream now Science and Hell have come together… well at least according to one of the poster taglines. The same artwork also suggests this will be mixing up the twisting cities […]

HCF Reviews


Release Date  – On DVD 16th October 2017 So let’s get to it right away, and talk about the elephant in the room. This isn’t an original sounding movie, from the rather forced portmanteau title […]