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Lucifer Season 2

LUCIFER (2016)
Season Two
On DVD now in the UK

With the marriage between Detective Chloe Decker and Detective Douche finally over after Dan’s involvement in a corruption case, Lucifer is free to woo Decker without any distractions… well, that was his plan until he discovered upon his brief death and return to Hell that his mother had escaped the fiery depths. Joining forces with his sparring sibling Amenadiel, Lucifer must track down his mother and return her to Hell before she wreaks havoc on Earth.

Meanwhile, Mazikeen decides she needs some alone time away from being used from the two men in her life and moves in with Decker. Her blunt, sexualised attitude isn’t the best to have around with a child in the house but Decker seems to appreciate the company even if she isn’t the most ideal roommate.

With so many problems building up in his life, Lucifer’s mutterings about Heaven and Hell reach an all time high. Sick of his childish games, therapist Dr Linda urges Lucifer to be literal rather than continuing to use religious ‘metaphors’. Deciding he ought to trust in the doctor and be real with her, Lucifer reveals his true identity, an image which scars the therapist and puts her relationships with Lucifer and Maze on the line.

Season Two of hit series LUCIFER, loosely based on the DC Vertigo comic of the same name, continues pretty much where Season One left off. Following the similar pattern of the first series, time is spent between FBI murder cases investigated by Detective Decker and Lucifer and the drama of the duo and those around them. Whilst Decker has a few things going on in her life, it’s nothing really out of the ordinary. As always, it’s the troublesome Lucifer who seems to be up to the neck in it with a wild, fiery mother on the loose, suspected to be behind a series of murders. Not only that, he has to deal with his daddy issues and his blossoming love for Decker. The drama going on in their lives seeps a little into their crime scene investigation work though for the most part, their crime-solving plays out pretty much the same with the culprit being discovered before the end of the episode. This time round, however, the crime stories aren’t as snappy as the first series with Lucifer’s saucy one-liners lacking that sharp tongue-in-cheek effectiveness we’ve come to adore. That’s not to say they aren’t there. On the contrary, Lucifer has a few belters in the season, particularly when he teases Decker about sleeping with him “I’m pretty sure we made Rosemary’s Baby”. The hard-hitting, punchy crimes to solve probably take a back seat this time round because the story developing between Lucifer and everyone around him has evolved so much from the first season. His relationship with Decker, Maze, Amenadiel, his mother and even Dr Linda really hit a high this season, for good or bad, and so much of the drama is sucked away from crime investigating and pumped into their lives outside of it.

One of the biggest draws of Season Two of LUCIFER has to be the arrival of Lucifer’s mother. Taking residence in the body of a murdered woman, high-flying lawyer Charlotte Richards, Lucifer’s mum is as deviant and bad ass as they come. It’s clear that the apple didn’t fall from the tree but where Lucifer’s mum likes to trick and manipulate to get what she wants, Lucifer is more of an honest character who’s sexual lustings and cravings for punishment are worn on his sleeve. Charlotte too displays these character traits but she often comes across as a scheming bitch who’s only out for herself whereas Lucifer is like an naive, playful puppy who has a slight sense of wicked about him but means no actual malice… unless it’s deserved, of course.

Lucifer’s family as a whole is delved into a lot deeper this season. Not only do we have mother, but father and another brother also join the equation and it’s not long before Lucifer’s vacation on Earth turns into a family affair. Lucifer just wants to pack his mother off back to Hell but life isn’t that simple, as he finds out. His mother’s sticky beak also jeopardises the one thing that matters to him the most as it seems his family have more involvement in his life than he wishes.

Tom Ellis and Lauren German sizzle once again as Lucifer and Detective Decker respectively. Having established the characters ridiculously well in the first season, their friendship and working partnership develops nicely throughout this second season with a deeper sexual chemistry evident this time round. Dr Linda’s horn for Lucifer is well behind her as she focuses on her job as a shrink to not only Lucifer but Maze, Amenadiel and Charlotte, though part way through the season, it’s she who may need the shrink after the life-changing revelations she witnesses. Actress Rachael Harris perfectly captures the shock this reveal has on the poor woman.

Supporting favourite Lesley-Ann Brandt strengthens her persona of Maze this season with her character becoming more than just Lucifer’s bodyguard though she still retains that no-nonsense naughtiness that endears her to the viewer.

Completing the line up is new addition Tricia Helfer as Charlotte Richards; part time solicitor, full time mum of Satan. Her energy, brassiness and cunning make her a force to be reckoned with, adding an extra danger element to Lucifer’s already tumultuous life on Earth. As selfish as Lucifer can be, Charlotte is the thorn in her son’s side and her scheming ways have the potential to wreck everything Lucifer has fought hard to achieve on Earth. Can he cut the ties of his maternal bond or will he bend to her dastardly plans?

With its solid writing injected with its trademark wit and humour delivered by the ever-charming Tom Ellis, LUCIFER shows no signs of slowing down. With the third season ready to air in October 2017, I hope there’s plenty more frolic-filled adventures for Lucifer and Decker yet to come.

Rating: ★★★★½




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