SHUT IN (2016)

SHUT IN (2016) Directed by Farren Blackburn A couple decide to send their son away following his expulsion from school. Whilst the father is driving the son to his destination, the two argue causing the […]

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CAM-GIRL (2016)

CAM-GIRL (2016) Directed by Curt Wiser The internet’s a scary place. Whether its a cyber-haven for malevolent ghosts, as in Pulse, spooky teen melodrama, as in Unfriended/ Friend Request, sexual predators, as in Megan is […]



GEHENNA: WHERE DEATH LIVES (2016) Directed by Hiroshi Katagiri Businesswoman Paulina visits Saipan on behalf of her employer to scout the location for their newest holiday resort. She’s joined by architect Tyler and photographer Dave […]

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CAMP KILLER Directed by Shawn Jones Michael and Jason aren’t known for their conversation skills. Heck, I remember when Rob Zombie’s remake of the former was still to come out and fans were enraged when […]



THE HOUSEMAID (2016) Written and Directed by Derek Nguyen Set in the year 1953 in Vietnam, THE HOUSEMAID is a slow-burning, supernatural, romantic horror-thriller that follows the tale of Linh, a young woman desperately in […]


Sasq-Watch! (2016)

Idiotic brothers Nigel (Paul Brittain) and Oscar (Adam Hirschman), have been obsessed with the legend of the sasquatch ever since they saw it outside their house when they were kids. Somehow they manage to secure […]



Six strangers’ lives cross when one night they decide to head to the cinema for a midnight screening. Inspired by the tragic events in Colorado that saw James Holmes openfire on cinema goers attending the […]

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FALLING WATER Season One Review

FALLING WATER Season One review Available on Amazon Prime Instant Video Three strangers find themselves sharing the same dream as their real lives begin to unravel with strange events that tie them together. Available on […]