Sasq-Watch! (2016)

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Idiotic brothers Nigel (Paul Brittain) and Oscar (Adam Hirschman), have been obsessed with the legend of the sasquatch ever since they saw it outside their house when they were kids. Somehow they manage to secure funding to take an expedition to find the fabled beast and head out with grizzled guide Samson (Scrubs’ Neil Flynn). The idea behind this film is a great one, but the execution feels like its been done a thousand times over, and better at that. Nigel is the doe-eyed believer, absolutely convinced he’s on to a winner with this expedition, and Oscar is the same man-child character we’ve seen time and time again in various sitcoms and movies. Whilst there is the occasional amusing moment with these two, they are few and far between, often using the same sight gags we’ve been seeing since the dawn of time, with dialogue that already feels outdated, and should probably finish a sentence earlier.

Samson the guide is the show stealer here, and is a somewhat wasted character for the most part. His been-there and done-that, thousand yard stare, life experience is much more interesting and funnier than anything else that happens in the film. He’s the only character that’s consistently funny and worth keeping the film running for any longer than you have to. Throw in a rivalry with another sasquatch ‘expert’ to drag out the story and you’ve got yourself a film so full of recycled jokes and plot lines you’d think it was bin day. And the lack of any actual bigfoot action is very disappointing. The production is fairly polished, but it doesn’t add much to it unfortunately. Although that being said, you can’t polish a turd.

But you can roll it in glitter.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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