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LUCIFER – Season One
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Lucifer Morningstar’s nightclub Lux, in the bustling centre of Los Angeles, becomes the scene of a murder when a drive-by killing occurs. Detective Chloe Decker of the homicide police department is tasked to solve the case, a murder which witness Lucifer reckons he can help in solving much to Decker’s dismay. After helping to convict the killer, the charming yet annoying Lucifer makes it his own duty to help Decker on her various cases despite the fact that Decker would rather he stick to running his nightclub. What makes matters worse is Lucifer’s complete self-belief that he is the fallen angel of the same name, the Devil himself. Decker refuses to believe his open confessions as the ruler of Hell so what will it take to convince her that he is in fact the real Lucifer?

In Fox’s television series LUCIFER, the devil has taken a vacation and chosen Los Angeles to unleash havoc, of all places, being the City of Angels where sin thrives. Accompanied by his demonic bodyguard cum ninja bartender Maze, Lucifer is loving exposing people’s desires and passions so when he has a chance to work alongside Chloe Decker, he snatches the opportunity with both hands. His powers of persuasion will come in very handy to get the truth out of individuals so that he may punish those responsible for evil. Detective Decker doesn’t see it like that though. Young, attractive mother-of-one, Choe Decker is going through a divorce with fellow officer, Dan, who Lucifer takes to calling Detective Douche. With Lucifer’s one-liners, utter playfulness and quest to get her into bed, Chloe thinks Lucifer shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the police department but, like a mithering child, he manages to get his own way to the point of being made civilian consultant by the police chief. It seems those devilish powers do have their uses. Together, the duo crack cases with Decker using her well-honed detective skills and Lucifer… well, being Lucifer, often barging headfirst into crimescenes to feed his own objectives.

As they spend more time together, a special relationship forges between Lucifer and Decker but one that also has ramifications for Lucifer. He explores these with his therapist, who he enjoys paying in kind, but it seems that’s not the only problem on his plate as his brother Amenadiel has arrived on Earth with orders to send Lucifer back to Hell where he belongs.

LUCIFER is an exciting, fresh television series that injects the right amount of humour into its biblical themed detective show. In Tom Ellis, who has flourished from BBC comedy Miranda, we have the perfect Lucifer: cheeky, dapper and quite the charmer. He loves his women, often bagging the three Britneys, enjoys having a drink and socialising, wears the sharpest of suits (“the Devil does indeed wear Prada!”) and he even delights in having a good sing-song! And what won’t surprise many is that Lucifer is English, just like most baddies in movies. Lucifer, both as a character and an idea, is a complete foreigner to the world he finds himself in and boy is he having fun. More excitement lies in the form of Chloe Decker played by Lauren German. As the only woman seemingly resistant to his charms, Chloe intrigues Lucifer and it’s this which draws the duo closer as the friendship develops from love-hate to a mutual respect. Lucifer’s constant spouting of how he’s the son of God also intrigues Chloe especially when he displays unexplainable feats she attempts to rationalise. The chemistry between these two characters positive sizzles as the will they/won’t they angle develops over the course of the 13 episodes.

Tom Ellis and Lauren German aren’t the only stellar casting in this series. Lesley-Ann Brandt as demon bartender Mazikeen (Maze) is one smoking-hot, badass chick who loves her sex as much as her boss, Lucifer. When not serving drinks she’s out kicking ass and protecting the Lord of Hell but who says she can’t have some fun of her own? Meanwhile, playing therapist to seemingly all the angels on Earth, though she doesn’t know it, is the hilarious Rachael Harris who manages to evoke a powerful woman in the form of Dr Linda Martin. Sure, she may succumb to Lucifer’s irresistable charm but she does a great deal in trying to help Lucifer understand and come to terms with his newfound  feelings even if he doesn’t always take her advice. Then there’s Lucifer’s brother, angel Amenadiel, played by D.B. Woodside, who’s tasked with returning Lucifer to Hell by any means necessary but will his own adventures on Earth affect his outlook on life too?

LUCIFER works incredibly well as one huge story as it does as 13 episodes. With each episode focusing on a crime case, there’s plenty of little murders to solve whilst other plot threads attaining to the bigger picture are explored such as why is Chloe immune from Lucifer’s charms, the effect she has on Lucifer and will he get to stay on Earth. Each of the plot threads, both minor and those of the bigger picture, are treated both seriously and with humour which greatly appeals to those with a wicked side. I find the approach incredibly British in a way and having a fine actor in the shape of Welshman Tom Ellis leading as the anti-hero works absolutely perfectly.

With the finale of Season One hanging on a tantalising cliffhanger that has already got fans gossiping, LUCIFER is one sexy, stylish slice of infernal entertainment that’ll leave you wanting more.

Rating: ★★★★½

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