It Follows Second Sight 4k UHD and Bluray

It Follows (2014)

IT FOLLOWS (2014) Directed by David Robert Mitchell Film reviewed in February 2015 Second Sight Films Limited Edition 4K UHD/Blu-Ray details added September 2023 Sometimes you’re pleasantly surprised to be wrong. I caught my first […]



LLAMAGEDDON (2015) Directed by Howie Dewin After the sudden death of their grandparents, Melissa and Floyd move into their house to prepare it in order to be put on the market for it to be […]

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UK Release Date – TBC For other release details see Artsploitation Films German Angst is an enticing horror anthology that promises of a tale of sex, death and hatred with an endorsement from none other […]


LIVE-EVIL (2015)

AKA Grave Walkers Now available to stream Looking at the premise of Live-Evil a feeling of dread might start to sink it, but not for the reasons you’d be expecting. It’s one of those stories […]


NARCOS – Season One Review

NARCOS (2015) Season One Review English language and Spanish language with English subtitles Making a pretty packet out of selling contraband electronics, weed and cigarettes, Columbian ‘businessman’ Pablo Escobar is introduced to a new product […]


THE TEAM (2015)

THE TEAM (2015) 8x 1 hour episodes English, Flemish, German, Danish, Swedish and German language English Subtitles When three prostitutes are murdered in the same way in Belgium, Germany and Denmark, Europol organise a team […]

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Available now on Amazon Video There are a lot of immediate images that a title like this might conjure up for potential views. After all, it sounds like a videogame or a robot that turns […]