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BAD BEN (2016)

BAD BEN (2016) Written and Directed by Nigel Bach Available on Amazon Prime Instant Video After bagging an impressive property with nine acres of land at a knockdown price at a Sheriff’s sale, single man […]


Fight Club Forever

Fight Club Forever It’s been almost 20 years since Tyler Durden explained the rules of Fight Club to millions of filmgoers. Released in 1999, Fight Club is a masterful movie which celebrates violence, anarchy and […]

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The Wake (2017)

THE WAKE (2017) Directed by Faouzi Brahimi and Bryan Brewer To some extent, almost all horror films are about death in one way or another. Whether it’s the fear of it, its gradual inevitability or […]



BONEJANGLES (2016) UK Release date – TBC 2017 Masked serial killer Edgar Friendly Jr. … AKA Bonejangles is on the loose in this juvenile horror comedy from Brett DeJager. Not content with creating an unstoppable […]



UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS (2016) Directed by Anna Foerster Under threat from a powerful lycan army led by the determined new leader Marius, the vampire coven plead with death dealer Selene to rejoin their ranks and […]