Casino Games With Movie Themes

People love watching movies, and some of them enjoy playing casino games. What else could be better than combining these two activities? A strong portfolio that combines exciting content, segmented product line and popular themes […]


The Best Horror Film Videogames

We’ve discussed video games that were turned into films before, but how about horror film to video game adaptions? The best are the ones that you can’t bear to play without the lights on or – better – […]


Goodbye Z Nation

After five seasons, Z Nation, the post-atomic saga between horror and splatter, is going to end. The many fans can however remain in the same imaginative universe thanks to the spin-off prequel, Black Summer, which […]


Fight Club Forever

Fight Club Forever It’s been almost 20 years since Tyler Durden explained the rules of Fight Club to millions of filmgoers. Released in 1999, Fight Club is a masterful movie which celebrates violence, anarchy and […]