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SCREAM (2022)

  “What’s your favorite Scary Movie” roars Ghostface for the fifth time of asking as a new masked fiend targets a new set of movie loving teenagers… Good or bad its like 1996 all over […]


Sex In Horror Cinema

Sex. We all do it. It’s everywhere we look: in advertising, television, magazines and movies. More and more, we’re seeing sex featured in horror movies but more often than not, the act of sex plays […]

HCF Reviews


  SCREAM 4 Directed By: Wes Craven Written By: Kevin Williamson Executive Producers: Bob and Harvey Weinstein Running Time: 111 Minutes Certificate: 15 Review By Ross Hughes   “GHOSTFACE WITH ONE SINGLE SWING OF HIS […]

Scream 2

A SCREAM 2 Look Back

Ross Hughes continues his SCREAM special in preparation for April 15th’s release date of the Fourth chapter of the Woodsboro slashathon, this time taking the readers back to 1997, for the first sequel, where Sydney […]

No Picture

A SCREAM Look Back

 As the world awaits for the long anticipated fourth trip back to Woodsboro, here at HorrorCultFilms we decided to ask Ross Hughes, who is a massive Scream fanatic, to dust down his collection and remind us of why […]