Dead Snow

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This Norwegian made film about seven idiots who go into the wilderness for a weekend trip and meet a horrible demise is nothing new on the outset. And the fact it doesn’t take itself too seriously helps a lot. This is a horror/comedy with a big G. Thats a G for gore you understand.

Lets start off, our protagonists head off to a cabin in the mountains where they intend to drink their way till monday. On their first day of arrival they are met by a creepy traveller who warns them of the areas Nazi past. Soon things start to go wrong and the group are attacked by whom they quickly realise are the undead Nazis who have stalked these mountains for years past.


Dead Snow has in its favour some excellent death scenes and some proper chainsaw to nazi action. There are plenty of decapitations, de-limbings, brain removals and intestinal loosenings to keep the gore hounds happy. The films balance of humour and comedy is well managed (not an easy thing to do) and at times it reached near Evil/Braindead heights of greatness.

The film has its flaws of course, the plotting is a bit all over the place and the direction and editing got a little sloppy towards the middle. Never the less I found myself giggling like a child towards the films finale where our surviving heroes face off against the undead Nazi army with plenty of inventive kills, ever wanted to see a Nazi zombie ripped to shreds by a snowmobile’s motor? You got it.


Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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