DOGMAN (2023)

DOGMAN (2023) Written and Directed by Luc Besson Releasing on Blu-ray and digital platforms in the UK & Ireland from 11th March 2024 After being pulled over by the cops whilst driving a van load […]

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USA IN CINEMAS NOW RUNNING: 165 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera On the planet Arrakis, House Atreides has fallen due to a plot between the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV and Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, and is […]

V/H/S/ 85 Bluray
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V/H/S/85 (2023)

V/H/S/85 (2023) Available on Blu-ray, DVD and digital Hot on the tail of V/H/S/94, we’re taken back to the 80’s with more tales of terror in V/H/S/85. Encapsulating the look and feel of the 80’s, horror anthology […]