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The end is here! The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us – and all you can do is kick back and watch how it happened, right here, right now in the place we call Zombieworld.

Satisfy your thirst for all things zombie as we take you back in time to the biblical rise of the living dead; before running screaming from continent to continent as reports of zombie devastation arrive from Ireland, Canada, Australia and all over the U.S.

Watch for the ‘Government Health Warnings’ on ‘How to Survive a Zombie Attack’. They could be the only thing between you and a newfound hunger for human flesh. And above all else, enjoy yourself – you may not have much longer to live.

With ultra-violence, gallons of gore and heaps of bloody fun, Zombieworld is like nothing you’ve seen before. This ravenous collection of deadly tales takes over DVD on 8th June 2015 courtesy of Image Entertainment and we’ve a Zombie Survival Kit to give away to one winner with two runner-up prizes of a DVD of Zombieworld.


For your chance to win one of our cool Zombieworld prizes, simply comment below telling us which household item you’d use as a weapon in the zombie apocalypse and why.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Friday 19th June 2015 and three valid comments will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 18 years or older
• One entry per household
• There is no cash or other alternative to the prize stated and the prize is not transferable and no part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
• 1 winner will win 1x Zombieworld Survival Kit. 2x runner-ups will each receive 1x Zombieworld DVD
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.



BatI love prosthetic effects, stop-motion animation and gore, but most of all I love a good story! I adore B-movies and exploitation films in many of their guises and also have a soft spot for creature features. I review a wide range of media including movies, TV series, books and videogames. I'm a massive fan of author Hunter S. Thompson and I enjoy various genre of videogames with Kingdom Hearts and Harvest Moon two of my all time favs. Currently playing: Silent Hill

  133 Responses to “Win ZOMBIEWORLD Survival Kit and DVDs In Our Competition!”

  1. My acetylene culinary blow-torch…. burn, baby, burn !!!

  2. One of the legs of my camera tripod, they’ve got spikes on the end.

  3. I have a chefs cleaver that I have had for over 20 years, It is my main knife when basically doing anything, from cutting meat to slicing cucumber. I am sure that would stand me in good stead when the zombies arrive. 🙂

  4. Washing-up liquid,I’d squirt it all over and they wouldn’t be able to keep on their feet and I could run away from them with no problem,even taunt them a little ! 🙂

  5. A spoon
    I’d eat his brains, b r a i n s, b r a a a a a a i i i i n s

  6. My frying pan, it’s not too heavy but you can really smash their brains out with it 🙂

  7. throw a fridge at them, why you ask? because they seriously need to chill 😀 lol x

  8. I would use my fan (on occilate, obvs) to blow hydrofluoric acid out and disintegrate the f***ers

  9. My Cricket bat as at least i would hit them for six, not like my season this year! 😥

  10. I’d been in the shed getting the garden tools. The spade will be good to get a good swing with and slice through their heads, and a short handled fork for backup if they get too close.

  11. It’s got to be the electric drill – perfect for eye gouging!

  12. Stick with a big knife, simple to use and does the job

  13. My VHS player. It’s got plenty of weight behind it, and it’s about time it came in useful again!

  14. Frying pan for the “clunk” noise (also useful for a fry up when you loot the supermarket for sausages and eggs)

  15. I would use Lego. I’ve seen those things bring down grown men, when they step on them. I’m sure even Zombies aren’t immune.

  16. The photo of my mother -in -law

  17. Hand egg whisk – just scramble a few of their brains then stay safe by serving up scrambled brains to the rest of them

  18. Shovel – perfect multipurpose tool. Good for smashing zombie brains and for digging the graves of folk you happen to lose along the way!

  19. Hmmm I have a nifty hedge cutter that would work a treat!

  20. My garden shears would be great! Scissor action for cutting heads off and 2 sharp blades for stabbing and slashing!

  21. i would sharpen the end of a mop/sweeping brush, that way i can jab them in the eye from a distance

  22. My Iron, seeing as it’s never away for long chances are it would already be in my hand ready to wallop them with

  23. Wii remote because if it can do so much damage to a television screen, it would have no problem in sorting out a zombie.

  24. hammer -Can kill th brain instantly and it doesnt need fuel and easy to conceal

  25. A petrol chainsaw would be my weapon of choice

  26. I would use one of my nieces scones – definitely able to bash a brain in with one of those! 😉

  27. My hammer – I keep it in the drawer near my bed, just in case!

  28. I’d use a club hammer because it would cause a blunt force trauma whereas a sharp object would just get stuck in their heads.

  29. kebab skewers, fired from a catapult made from a wooden spoon and a rubber band… :mrgreen:

  30. Electric carving knife – ARGUE WITH THAT BABY!

  31. I have a set of really sharp Japanese knives so would have to make me some zombie sushi

  32. My handheld soup liquidizer – just the right size/length for scrambling some brains.

  33. my whisks ,the blades are sharp enough to draw blood

  34. A whisk and plunger, a no brainer, well it worked for the Daleks!

  35. a scythe from my gardening shed – I`m sure that would safeguard me

  36. always wanted to do the record throwing thing they did in shaun of the dead. not the most effective, but probably the most fun.

  37. anything that my wife has baked. would be able to stove many a zombies head in with those bad boys!

  38. Id make em sit through a Uwe B 😆 oll film, that should do it , kills me every time !!

  39. I would use the petrol mower as it could do some serious damage when turned upside down with that blade spinning super fast 😈

  40. My chainsaw cos I could zap a few zombies with that pretending to be leather face if would need a mask too to keep the zombie blood off . I have actually written a zombie film script just trying to get funding to film it at the mo fingers crossed . 🙂

  41. I’d def use my mums awful vinyl collection,like used in Shaun of the Dead

  42. My old thundercats sword

  43. My wooden rolling pin, beware anyone who gets under my feet in the kitchen

  44. I’m thinking of a nutribullet…well a Vamp has to eat you know and those suckers can blend skin and bone 😉

  45. I would use a rolling pin.

  46. An Umbrella – because they don’t like it up them

  47. The chainsaw.

  48. My old nokia phone which I keep as a spare! they don’t stand a chance

  49. I would use the clothes horse!

  50. My wife’s sponge cake would make a great bludgeoning weapon, but if I needed something sharp and vicious, than can kill at a single stroke then It would have to be her mothers tongue…….. 😉

    If she see this I’ll be finding out the hard way!

  51. My barbell! 10kg on each side, could do some damage to a zombie’s skull with a swing!

  52. My grill pan, it’s soo heavy!

  53. My replica Highlander Katana 🙂 as if works for immortals will work on zombies

  54. My Dad’s chain saw lol 🙂

  55. My frying pan,it is a classic weapon

  56. a wooden rolling pin

  57. My dad’s golf clubs – perfect for smashing zombie brains.

  58. I would use the microwave, a hard shove would jam their head through the front panel and knock them out. When they come to their brain had been cooked for two hours. Bound to work.

  59. My sons trainers, the whiff would get rid of anything!!

  60. An Axe – up close and personal and it destroys the brain which as we all know is the only way to travel in the ZA

  61. I’d use my cast iron frying pan, they’d never survive that being swung at their heads. Failing that, I’d lock them in a room with my teenage son-that’d be enough to push anyone over the edge!

  62. I keep my boyfriend’s golf clubs close by just in case they come near me

  63. my wife’s 10″ chef’s knife, but to be on the safe side and not get too close i’d fasten it to a light weight metal pole, i don’t want their blood splashing on my zombie killing togs now do i?

  64. I’d use the metal pipe bit of my shisha pipe!

  65. My hand blender – I’d whisk their heads off!!!

  66. A cheese wire, just the job for garrotting heads

  67. i want to say crowbar as it is know to be the best weapon, alas we don’t have one in our house so it will have to be a fire poker

  68. Finally a use for all that old vinyl.

  69. I play a lot of sport so I could always use one of my hockey sticks. I would probably go for a combo item though. Maybe make a spear from a kitchen knife, gaffa tape and the kitchen mop handle.

  70. My daughters tongue its a sharp as any knife!!!

  71. Mu husband bought a replica ornamental Samouri Sword some years ago. It is sharp even though its decorative. I think I’d have a go with that!! 😈

  72. A good knife. As a chef I know how to use one!

  73. frying pan as its nice and light and can smash them to peices

  74. frying pan or hammer I think it would hurts them

  75. I would use my husbands wallet cos its full of shrapnel

  76. Left hand – wok lid as a shield
    Right hand – cordless drill for attack


  78. my cat, it bit ankles so hard it take anyone down 😆

  79. My wife’s stare, always makes me backdown those Zombies see that…..Game Over. 😈

  80. My personality and if that doesn’t bore them to (re)death I do actually own a crossbow too!

  81. A small axe I use for chopping wood 🙂

  82. a carving fork

  83. My broom handle with a big sharp carving knife securely taped on it or failing that a scooter so I can runaway faster 😛

  84. It has to be mu HUGE kitchen knife – straight in the head – walking dead style!

  85. stick their head in the oven

  86. I’d use the hand blender…no one would like that in the face!

  87. My BIG terracotta pot would finish ’em off nicely, I think.

  88. I would use my collection of deodorant’s with a lighter spray them on fire and put the can in there mouth so there heads explode

  89. I’d take my dog. She’s a little Jack Russell, pretty vicious, always in a bad mood and completely obsessed with me, NO ONE is allowed near me. If my husband goes to hug me she snarls and snaps at him. She’d buy me some time to get away I reckon. We need to be on one of those it’s me or the dog type programmes really!

  90. A sieve, I could see through it as I was swinging it

  91. my cast iron pot that i use for my stews would certainly do some damage .

  92. My large garden shears 😀


  94. A hammer, it would make an ace close-range weapon against zombies and practical also when needed for building a barricade or take one down! Might seem a boring response but i’m a mum and would need to be practical to protect my kids 😉

  95. A sock full of marbles

  96. a fork …. straight through the eyeball , thats all thats needed 🙂

  97. throw Bleach in their eyes, so i will blind them…

  98. either my kitchen knives or my husbands cricket bat!

  99. A high heeled shoe because I’m always wearing a good shoe and anyone who’s seen single white female would know they make great weapons

  100. An upturned candlestick holder I have, it has 3 prongs on the end that would be perfect for dealing with the undead!

  101. the super power hose pipe – I would just knock em over with the force of it 😈

  102. rolling pin – handle to take out their eyes so they cant see me and then the main body to bash out their brains. Gross but necessary!

  103. A potato masher because zombies are mushy ????

  104. Fishing wire, strong sharp, great cut

  105. ummmmmmmmmm machine gun 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈

  106. my hairspray and lighter 😈

  107. Baseball bat. I have one at the side of the bed incase of intruders, but I’m sure I could pimp one out with some nails from hubbies shed!

  108. The machete I use to trim my toenails – to kill a zombie you have the remove the head right ?

  109. Rolling Pin – easy to get a good grip and does some damage when it makes contact

  110. A wine bottle (empty of course, I wouldn’t want to waste any of the good stuff on a zombie)! That should do the job nicely!!

  111. A rolling pin – great for hitting them in the desired area and a classic – who doesn’t love a rolling pin for attacking zombies!

  112. My frying pan, easy to handle with a big surface area for a big hit area. Also good to have around when you want to make a good breakfast during the zombie apocalypse

  113. My iron, i don’t use it for anything else, i might as well get some use out of it 🙂

  114. crowbar

  115. The garden fork – gruesome 😉

  116. My mop handle – keep the zombies at a distance but still have some impact.

  117. teaspoons – great for gouging out their eyes

  118. My metal baseball bat, easy to use for close up combat.

  119. A cheese grater as i could shave off all that flaky skin.

  120. the garden fork as it has so many uses from digging up food to killing the zombies and somuch inbetween

  121. My electric fly swatter bzzzzp bzzzzp

  122. My golf club … kept at the side of the bed (just in case) .. but would be great for smashing kneecaps and the odd skull or two!!! 😈 😈

  123. I would use bleach thrown in there faces ouch the burn

  124. Electric carving knife – great for cutting heads off!

  125. my ride on lawn mower–mobile weaponary

  126. I have a sledgehammer in the shed that could really smash some zombie skulls.

  127. I’d use my chainsaw as it would make quick work of the zombies and give me time to get to the helipad near my house so I could fly away.

  128. My knife block and knifes (plus knife sharpener)

  129. Piano, i’d drop it on them cartoon style.

  130. Would have to be a broom.

  131. My electric egg beater to scramble their brains

  132. I would use a poker from my fireplace to jab them through the head. It would also be nice and light to carry and won’t get damged easily

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