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To celebrate the release of Nina Forever, available now on Digital HD, and DVD, Blu-ray and 22nd February, we have a copy of the DVD and a signed poster up for grabs courtesy of Entertainment One!

The ultimate anti-romantic horror story and a gruesome romance for genre-crossed lovers, Nina Forever is a fairy tale unlike no other, with a very real emotional core, incredibly engrossing performances and an endless supply of bed sheets.

Rob (Cian Barry) is a supermarket shelf-filler who tried to kill himself after depression brought on by the sudden tragic death of his girlfriend Nina (Fiona O’Shaughnessy). Checkout girl Holly (Abigail Hardingham) has a morbid fascination with pain and death and puts Rob on her want list. Sexual sparks fly when they do finally get together. There’s just one problem. Even though she’s dead, sarcastic Nina has no intention of letting go of her ex. But can Rob and Holly really cope with a forever revenant threesome? A tender but bloody story about breaking up and moving on.

Full of surprises and distinctive in its identity, Nina Forever is the talk of the international film festival circuit receiving both critical and audience praise at SXSW Film Festival 2015, Film4 Frightfest 2015, and Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2015 to name a few. It’s a modern cult classic in the making and firmly places director’s Ben and Chris Blaine alongside pioneering British filmmakers Ben Wheatley and Peter Strickland.

For your chance to win these Nina Forever prizes, simply comment below telling us which is your favourite horror romance.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Saturday 27th February 2016 and one valid comment will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 18 years or older
• One entry per household
• The promoter of this competition is Fetch Dynamic Ltd
• There is no cash alternative to Prizes which are subject to availability, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be sold, offered for sale or used in connection with any other competition or promotion by the Prize winner
• 1 winner will win 1x Nina Forever DVD and Poster
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.


BatI love prosthetic effects, stop-motion animation and gore, but most of all I love a good story! I adore B-movies and exploitation films in many of their guises and also have a soft spot for creature features. I review a wide range of media including movies, TV series, books and videogames. I'm a massive fan of author Hunter S. Thompson and I enjoy various genre of videogames with Kingdom Hearts and Harvest Moon two of my all time favs. Currently playing: Silent Hill

  123 Responses to “Win DVD and Signed Poster of NINA FOREVER In Our Competition!”

  1. Return of the Living dead comes to mind. I really enjoyed this film and this is one of the earliest ideas that a zombie can have emotions and still love. Great special effects and a story of a love which will not die. It may be forgotten, but modern zombies have a lot to thank for this little gem. ????

  2. Seth and Veronica in The Fly. Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis bring genuine emotion to their roles and that’s what elevates the film to the masterpiece that it is.

  3. Eden Lake. Felt really sorry for the couple. Bloody good film as well.

  4. The 2014 film Honeymoon is very good.

  5. Zeke and Miss Burke in The Faculty, just for the hotness factor.

  6. jack and sally in nightmare before xmas lol

  7. the fly film romance

  8. Lola and Brent in The Loved Ones

  9. It has to be the couple from Warm Bodies

  10. The Fly – a classic

  11. Bram Stoker’s Dracula

  12. My favourite has to be from the tv series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer…..Willow and Tara. What a great way to teach people that different doesn’t mean wrong.

  13. I hope Warm Bodies counts, not very scary but Zombies and love so i think it does. Loved ‘R’ so much

  14. I like the couple in 28 days later 🙂

  15. the couple in THE FLY

  16. Thirst (2009)

  17. Well, after last night I’m going for Rick and Michonne

  18. Frankenstein

  19. American gothic

  20. Frankenstein

  21. Bram Stokers classic Dracula, I will never tire of this film

  22. The Fly….total classic!

  23. I think that the romance in Sleepy Hollow was quite good. Also very amusing.

  24. Blood and Chocolate about a girl who can transform into a werefolf and her romance with a human.

  25. Life after Beth

  26. Bram stoker Dracula

  27. In the Flesh – Amy Dyer and Stephen Thompson

  28. twilight

  29. A bit of a bromance maybe, but Shaun of the Dead

  30. Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Love them even have them tattooed on my arm.

  31. The fly

  32. Chucky and tiffany in the childs play movies

  33. i loved the romance between edward scissorhands and winona ryder

  34. The Mummy Returns- great romance in a great horror story

  35. Warm Bodies

  36. Warm Bodies, there was a spark there if little else going on!

  37. Warm Bodies because of the interesting concept

  38. The Unnameable Returns

  39. The Fly was a great film, a remarkable plot

  40. Liz, Shaun & Ed 😉 in Shaun of the Dead…come on you have to love a bit of bromance too! 😉

  41. Shaun of the dead!

  42. Bram Stokers Dracula

  43. has to be dracula

  44. Has to be Shaun of the Dead, after all it was a Rom-Zom-Com!

  45. nightmare before xmas jack and sally so cute

  46. my choice would be Eden Lake

  47. The Fly

  48. Valentine.

  49. Dracula

  50. Seth & Veronica – The Fly

  51. Cant wait to see it. Dawn of the dead springs to mind

  52. Rocky Horror show

  53. THE FLY

  54. Gale and Dewey in Scream

  55. Dr Frankenstein & Inga in Young Frankenstein…yes true love can have a few rocky moments.

  56. Frank and Julia in Hellraiser. Such a pure, innocent love 😉 .

  57. Melvin and Sarah in the Toxic Avenger, it was just sweet!

  58. Lola and Brent in The Loved Ones

  59. The FLY – Can’t be beaten!

  60. Frank and Julia in Hellraiser. Talk about twisted love!

  61. got to be the husband a wife in BEETLEJUICE beetlejuice beetlejuic………………………………….

  62. Brent and Lola in The Loved Ones

  63. From Dusk To Dawn

  64. The Loved Ones

  65. I’m going for American Werewolf in London. Little did Jenny Agutter as Nurse Alex Price suspect David Naughton as David Kessler to be a Werewolf, otherwise I think she may not have mover in with him! Excellent movie and can you believe it’s 35 years old.

  66. My favourite horror romance if definitely Gomez and Morticia from The Addams Family. How hardly anyone else has mentioned them for this competition is ridiculous.

  67. It would have to be Gail & Dewey in the Scream trilogy

  68. The Loved Ones, just love Brent and Lola

  69. Glen and Maggie in the walking dead.

  70. Nina Forever is and I would love to have my own copy

  71. Shaun of the dead

  72. Dr Frank-N-Furter and Rocky!

  73. Dracula x

  74. Dracula 🙂

  75. Daniel Robitaille (Candyman) and Caroline his girlfriend is the greatest horror love story ever, His hand chopped off and replaced by a hook, covered in honey and stung by bee’s to his death now thats love for you. We need more Candyman movies huge fan of Tony Todd.

  76. King Kong with the romance between giant gorilla and the stage actress

  77. I’d go with Interview with the Vampire.

  78. Honeymoon

  79. Bride of Frankenstein 🙂

  80. It’s got to be Dracula!

  81. Chucky and Tifffany

  82. The 2014 film Honeymoon was very good

  83. The Fly Original movie

  84. Twilight

  85. I like `Warm Bodies`, big fan of Nicholas Hoult.

  86. Chucky and Tiffany, just so funny no matter how many times you watch them <3

  87. I think mine would have to be Let The Right One In

  88. The Fly!

  89. shaun of the dead

  90. My favourite is Warm Bodies.

  91. Twilight

  92. Jack and Sally 🙂

  93. Edward and Bella in Twilight- love sparkling vampires, and cute romance

  94. Twilight

  95. Sleepy Hollow

  96. Bride of Chucky is my favourite horror romance and funny too!

  97. The Phantom of the Opera

  98. My two favourite horror romanaces are Bride of Frankinstein and Twilight 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  99. Chucky and the Bride 🙂 so rude and disgusting but also very funny

  100. Frank and Julia in Hellraiser

  101. Little shop of horrors, Audrey II and Seymour true fated lovers

  102. It has to be Candyman!

  103. Warm Bodies

  104. The Hunger

  105. It is King Kong.

  106. The Fly

  107. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

  108. The Fly

  109. Beetlejuice

  110. Does Shaun of the dead count? if it does i choose that, very funny.

  111. Not sure it counts but the couple from A Perfect Getaway

  112. Frankenstein is probably one of the best stories in romance and horror as standalone genres, so it’s my easy choice for this question.

  113. Return of the Living Dead 3

  114. The couple in Warm Bodies

  115. Eden Lake, just a great film

  116. warm bodies

  117. Beetlejuice

  118. Warm Bodies

  119. Lesbian Vampire Lovers! Dead Romantic!

  120. The Bride of chucky ????

  121. The Bride of chucky ????

  122. The candy man

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