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To celebrate the home entertainment release of Anguish, which releases on DVD from Monday 11th April, we have a copy of the DVD up for grabs courtesy of Arrow Films!

From the producers of The Strangers comes an unnerving psychological thriller inspired by true events. When Tess (Ryan Simpkins) is diagnosed with a personality disorder, she suspects she is possessed by the spirit of a dead girl. With powerful performances, a skin-crawling atmosphere, and jump-out-of-your-seat scares, Anguish promises to be one of the year’s most terrifying and emotionally affecting thrillers.

For your chance to win ANGUISH on DVD, simply comment below telling us which horror movie moment made you jump whilst watching at the cinema.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Friday 22nd April 2016 and one valid comment will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 15 years or older
• One entry per household
• There is no cash alternative to Prizes which are subject to availability, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be sold, offered for sale or used in connection with any other competition or promotion by the Prize winner
• 1 winner will win 1x Anguish DVD
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.


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  103 Responses to “Win ANGUISH on DVD In Our Competition”

  1. The Woman in Black. A huge build up of suspense really built up the tension. One of the few jumpy horror I have seen at the cinema

  2. I’ve just watched the Descent and when they are in the cave and they see the green goblin creature and it runs past them i was scared (I hate confined spaces anyway so being down there with that would creep me out)

  3. The lawn mower scene in Sinister freaked me out as I very nearly had something similar happen to me by accident in real life

  4. The attic scene in The Exorcist.

  5. The bit in the Grudge when she looks up in the attic and the girl appears.

  6. The very end of carpenters The Fog!

  7. Right at the end of Carrie . . . . l can still see her arm after all these years

  8. There’s a moment when the ‘Woman in Black’ flies towards the screen towards the end of the film – really creeped me out on the big screen

  9. the fog

  10. None at the cinema but The Exorcist when I first watched it on VHS made me jump

  11. The hand coming out the bath in ‘a nightmare on Elm Street’.

  12. Alien

  13. Alien when it comes out of the stomach.

  14. The first movie that I saw which made me jump was Jaws. That scene under the water when the dead persons head comes out of no-where. I was younger sure, but wasnt expecting that. Classic movie moment.

  15. The woman in black – all those creepy old toys and dark corridors!

  16. Its the scene in Jaws (yes I’m that old I saw it in the cinema) where they find Ben Gardner’s boat and look in the hole and the head pops out.

  17. just like Louise A above! the head rolling in the boat on the seabed in the first Jaws…………………always remember that!

  18. the sewer scenes in IT

  19. The Alien bursting out of John Hurts chest, supposedly the other actors weren’t expecting it either.

  20. The original Carrie when the hand comes up from the grave,I nearly hit the ceiling!!

  21. hellraiser where there is a person got fihhooks through every part of her skin and then she gwts rippeda apart

  22. The boat scene in the Fog.

  23. Jason Voorhees and his constant refusal to die- just when you think that is iy he has been killed he springs back up and attacks again and again!!

  24. It was the scene in “Jaws” when the guys head suddenly drops through the hole in the bottom of the boat when Richard Dreyfus is trying to remove the shark tooth. Really squeaky bum time.

  25. Paranormal Activity 2 where all the kitchen cabinet doors suddenly burst open.

  26. the woman in black got me a couple of times lol


  28. Definitely the swinging camera in Paranormal Activity 3!

  29. alien

  30. most of sinister

  31. I always jump when I watch the Saw movies

  32. When the “dessicated body” moved and breathed in Se7en. Not just myself but just about everyone else in the cinema.

  33. Carrie (the original), when her hand came out of the grave. It didn’t make me jump, it made me leap!

  34. Scream 2 – when people were being attacked in the cinema

  35. Insidious – when Josh’s mother recounts a dream where she saw a dark, shadowy figure standing in Dalton’s room. When she asks the visitor what it wants, the creature replies, saying that it wants Dalton. Suddenly, a horrific red-faced demon appears directly behind Josh’s face and loud noises come crashing down from Dalton’s room.

  36. Chase a Crocked Shadow – clever filming.
    A man effectively a prisoner fearing for his life hears car driving off, runs through house shouting to find ‘bad guys’. Thinks they’ve gone gets hysteric then camera becomes effectively his eyes and turns to find a face inches from his.

  37. I always remember Pet Sematary where he cuts his Achilles tendon with a scalpel.

  38. The Sixth Sense where the young boy is talking about his dad’s gun and he turns around and half his head is missing.

  39. I jump at everything! But I remember nearly hitting the roof when I first saw a screening of The Shining at the cinema. The bit when Danny is riding round the hotel on his trike and then sees the spooky twins … even though I know it’s coming, it still gives me a jolt!

  40. The Strangers! So creepy

  41. Exorcist 3 The scene in the hospital where the camera pans round the corridors and suddenly you see a gowned figure about to cut off a nurses head with some surgical shears. Brown was the new black in my boxer shorts that day !

  42. Has to be the FOG

  43. The shining where johnnys behind the door spooky

  44. When the covers are pulled off in Paranormal Activity

  45. When you finally see the face of the vampire in Salems Lot.

  46. The Woman in Black… so many sinister moments, and I never do well with ghosts as it is. I think the jumpiest parts were inside the mansion, with the rocking chair and the toys. *shudder*

  47. Saw really got me all of the films made me jump numerous times and even though i know whats coming still make me jump when i am not hiding behind the cushion at the really gory bits

  48. What Lies beneath. All that bath stuff.

  49. The hand coming out the bath in ‘a nightmare on Elm Street that was soooooos cary for me

  50. i jumped every 5 minutes when i went to watch i know what you did last summer

  51. Definately that demonic voice suddenly shouting ‘Get Out!’ at the priest in Amytiville…the flies were freaking me out already and that just tipped me right over the edge! 😉

  52. Insideous had me hiding behind my hands most of the time

  53. There was one werewolf scene in underworld 2 that made me jump, I wasn’t expecting it.

  54. Have to agree with the others who have mentioned the final scene of Carrie – gets me every time!

  55. Watched Insidious last night. That bit where the ghost was walking outside the window then all of a sudden it was in the room.

  56. The Omen had some real horror moments that are memorable

  57. What Lies Beneath

  58. It’s not exactly a horror movie but when I was a child we went to see Watershed Down and I had nightmares for months afterwards, it was horrible. 🙂

  59. I think the one I remember most is in The Thing. Norris has a heart attach and Copper tries to revive him using a defibrillator. His chest splits open and becomes a moth full of teeth that rip off Cooper’s arms. That really made me jump.

  60. In Paranormal Activity when Katie is dragged out of bed!!!

  61. It was Jaws for me too, I was jumpy for most of the film waiting for it to reappear

  62. The Ring when the girl comes out of the well .

  63. Dunno if Jaws is classed as a horror movie but when the head pops out of the bottom of the boat something nearly popped out of me !!

  64. Drag me to Hell when the creepy old woman showed up a few times

  65. The clap clap scene in Conjuring where she’s at the top of the cellar stairs in the dark. Also same film, the witch demon on the wardrobe scene.

  66. The Woman in Black with the rocking chair scene

  67. Jaws for me – when they find the boat and a head pops out of the hole in it.

  68. the ring when the girl comes out of the tv.

  69. An American Werewolf in London where Jenny Agutter pulls the curtain back……..

  70. The Alien bursting out of John Hurts chest

  71. I normally love horror films and do not jump. except when it come to the grudge boy when he appears, i always seem to jump

  72. Carrie

  73. Alien – when the alien comes out of the astronaut’s chest

  74. most horrors make me jump to many to name

  75. Halloween has to be the jumpiest film ever. Just when you think it’s safe Mike Myers is there again with his knife

  76. Head twisting all the way round in The Exorcist

  77. The scene in the Changeling when the ghost of the drowned child sends the wheelchair down the stairs at George C. Scott and you hear the thump of the boys hand banging on the side of the metal bathtub as he is being drowned by his father.

  78. The original Paranormal Activity! Unlike the sequels, I thought it was a good film and definitely made me jump!

  79. The girl getting hit by the car in Insidious 3

  80. it would have to be nightmare on elm street. back in the day the whole movie freaked me out.

  81. The Ring with the girl emerging from the TV

  82. Nightmare on elm street

  83. The Sixth Sense, when the ghost pops out from under the bed.

  84. When the red faced demon appears when the camera is panning in sinister. Nearly had to change my underwear!

  85. Probably the ring with the girl climbing out of the telly – it didnt help either that I had to walk home after midnight by myself after!

  86. The granny trying to come out of the cellar door in evil dead 2

  87. scream 2- the cinema attack

  88. Pennywise in the drain in IT

  89. When watching Insidious at the cinema, when the just demon appears behind the main character at the table it made me jump so much, I ended up having spilling my drink on my fiend, it was totally out of the blue it scared me so much

  90. I jumped quite a few times watching Anabell, that doll was messed up.

  91. In steven spielbergs poltergeist when the clown grabs the kid

  92. Freddy attack in the bathtub

  93. Paranormal activity when the women got dragged from her bed!


  95. The Alien bursting out of chest scene .

  96. The ‘diner’ scene in Mulholland Drive is a beauty, brilliantly worked and a jump scare to savour

  97. The Orphanage [2008] the bathroom

  98. arm coming out of ground in original Carrie film

  99. What Lies beneath.

  100. The shower scene on Psycho

  101. Carrie – the very end when you think the film has finished and then the arm shoots out of the grave

  102. Carrie – right at the end when you think the film has finished and then the arm shoots out of the grave

  103. The clock in the exorcism of Mary Rose

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