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The Trust comes to DVD & Blu-ray 18th July and courtesy of Signature Entertainment, we have a copy on Blu-ray and a limited edition T-shirt to give away!

Nicolas Cage (Leaving Las Vegas, Kick-Ass) delivers his best performance in years as a nihilistic cop who teams with a reluctant young officer played by Elijah Wood (Maniac, Sin City) to stage a big money heist.

After premiering at SXSW, The Trust has already picked up a word-of-mouth reputation as the crime thriller to watch this year.

“Nic Cage is back to his best” ???? Hey U Guys

Order today

For your chance to win The Trust prizes, simply comment below telling us which was the first Nicolas Cage movie you ever saw and your thoughts on it.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Sunday 24th July 2016 and one valid comment will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 15 years or older
• One entry per household
• There is no cash alternative to Prizes which are subject to availability, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be sold, offered for sale or used in connection with any other competition or promotion by the Prize winner
• 1 winner will win 1x The Trust Blu-Ray and t-shirt
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.


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  130 Responses to “Win THE TRUST Prizes In Our Competition!”

  1. Mine was Con Air, I thought it was a bit naff the first time I watched it but it has grown on me since 🙂

  2. Face/Off and was superb and thought provoking

  3. Amazingly I missed a lot of Nicholas Cages early films when they were released, so the first film I watched was The Rock. I thought he held his own well against an on form Sean Connery in what was a fun little action film. Although after watching his other performers since, it was certainly one of his more restrained acting roles. ????

  4. My first Nicolas Cage film was Face/Off and I loved it. It’s one of my favourite action films of the 1990s.

  5. Face/Off which was such a crazy film but enjoyable to watch

  6. Con Air – put the bunny back in the box….!

  7. Ghost Rider I liked the humour & special effects plus the role Nicholas cage played suited him well

  8. Wild at Heart. Hilarious!

  9. Leaving Las Vegas, I thought it was brilliant and was hooked on Nicholas Cage from that moment on.

  10. Leaving Las Vegas (1995) – an incredible performance from a very under-rated actor

  11. Con Air – Brilliant fun!

  12. Red Rock West – which I really don’t remember – The Rock is the one that I first remember really seeing Nicolas Cage and I thought that was a really good movie

  13. I honestly can’t remember; it may have been ‘Face Off’ which I thought was an enjoyable piece of cinema

  14. Face off and I thought Nicholas Cage played crazy very well.

  15. it was leaving las vegas – amazing acting

  16. leaving las vegas it was good

  17. National Treasure was the first I think! I thought it was pretty good as a child, always loved a good adventure/historical storyline 🙂

  18. I watched leaving las vegas thought the acting was really good

  19. Showing my age here but mine was ‘horror/comedy’ Vampire’s Kiss in the late ’80’s on VHS! I later read that he ate a live cockroach in the film- taking method acting to a whole new level in the process! Even in my youth I remember the film was rubbish so I only revisited that scene on YouTube.

  20. Con Air was the first movie of his I saw. It blew my little mind at the time. Cyrus the virus creeped me out at the tie. But Nic Cage had the best line “Put the bunny back in the box!”

  21. The first film I remember watching is The Family Man, I didn’t think it was brilliant really! Although I can’t remember much about it 😛

  22. Wild at Heart – a whole heap of Bat-shit Crazy….loved it

  23. Raising Arizona! If you haven’t seen it yet, go and watch it now. Do yourself a favour! 🙂

  24. National Treasure was the first film I saw Nicholas Cage in. I really enjoyed the hi tonal historical links in it, the humour and the action

  25. Con Air, didn’t enjoy it at all

  26. Face off and i thought the film was in my top 10 best films

  27. Face off, I thought it was quite good

  28. Wild at Heart. It was completely bonkers but I really loved it.

  29. Pretty sure it was The Rock with Sean Connery – cracking film

  30. Wings of the Apache. Loved it – it’s got helicopters in it so what’s not to love.

  31. ‘Raising Arizona’ and although it’s critically acclaimed and loved by loads of people I thought it was terrible and boring. Nic’s made so many great movies though he’s made up for it in spades.

  32. The first one I saw was Guarding Tess, Shirley MacLaine and Nicholas Cage worked well together, great film to watch. x

  33. It was either Face Off or The Rock, I can’t remember but both are fantastic!

  34. The Wicker Man. It was terrible.

  35. It was face off – a really great idea for a story and some great effects in the lab!

  36. Con Air its great

  37. The rock! Loved it, I love nic cage in action films!

  38. “Peggy Sue got married” I wasn’t keen on it at all. I’ve enjoyed some of his other films though, especially “Con Air”.

  39. Definitely The Rock

  40. con air and i absolutely love it

  41. Mine would be Peggy Sue got married & i loved it.. still watch it sometimes now… also had a young Jim Carrey in it.

  42. Con Air – loved it!

  43. FACE/OFF

  44. Peggy Sue Got Married – errrrrmmmmmm!!! ;0

  45. Leaving Las Vegas is the only one of his I`ve seen; it was enjoyable but not specifically due to him

  46. Raising Arizona, one of the Coen Brothers’ absolute best and Nic was superb as the ex-con, so was Holly Hunter as his Policewoman wife.

  47. con air because his acting was fantastic he was so believeable

  48. Trapped in Paradise. I saw that movie just before Christmas. Lovely comedy

  49. con air and i loved it

  50. Leaving Las Vegas – a great performance

  51. Leaving Las Vegas. As the role that won Cage an Oscar, his turn in Leaving Las Vegas is, obviously, his most critically acclaimed. Cage plays an alcoholic screenwriter who has lost everything and ventures to Sin City to drink himself to death. He researched the role by binge drinking for two straight weeks and having a friend videotape him so he could analyse his speech patterns. His performance is deep and understated.

  52. Probably wings of the apache – I was about twelve and thought it was awesome!

  53. I think it was Leaving Las Vegas, he played a drunk at the end of his tether very well.

  54. Peggy Sue got Married – Surreal and hard to understand at the time I was younger, but now as a big boy I appreciate it much more!

  55. Peggy Sue Got Married – not uncle Coppola’s finest hour, but Nicolas Cage’s strange accent and a 30+ year old Kathleen Turner as a high school student helps fill the void in this Quantum Leap-esque trip back to the 60s.

    “Look, I’ve got the hair. I’ve got the teeth. I’ve got the eyes. Look out that window, I’ve got the car. I’m the lead singer. I’m the man.”

  56. face/off and I absolutely loved it!!

  57. Con Air, Brilliant film – remove brain,sit back and let the carnage unfold – “Put the bunny back in the box!” Classic!

  58. Face/Off good film, one of his best.

  59. Peggy Sue Got Married – he was so young and off the wall.

  60. My first Nicholas cage film was Raising Arizona. Where he plays a useless robber very enjoyable and if was real he would star in Americas dumbest criminals lol

  61. It was Raising Arizona, I loved it, I haven’t seen it since though.

  62. Peggy Sue got married – just plain strange!

  63. Peggy Sue Got Married – I hated it!

  64. Moonstruck i think, but I remember Cher’s performance more

  65. Face Off – I found it really good, but had to watch it twice to fully understand it!

  66. My first Nicolas Cage film was Face/Of and it was absolutely amazing!

  67. My first Nicolas Cage film was Face/Of and it was amazing!

  68. first movies of his i was was Lord Of War-i really liked it. He gave a full on attitude in the charactor he played.
    At the end of the movie you felt he’d done you proud. Loved it.

  69. I can’t say for sure but I think it was probably Moonstruck. I can’t imagine I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the next one (which would have been either The Rock or Con Air). I find NC a bit odd/uncomfortable to watch, he’s been in a few good films (Wild At Heart, Adaptation., Kick-Ass) but I think I like those films in spite of him, rather than because of him.


  71. The Rock, mainly because sean connery was also in it.

  72. Face/Off, I still enjoy watching it.

  73. Raising Arizona, thought it was quite good

  74. I loved Con Air, have to watch it at least once a year. When his car gets pulled over the control tower and crashes to the floor, so funny!

  75. Lord of War (2005) Touches on some interpersonal issues, which could be termed interesting, and also the demise of some of the cast. A sit back and watch film, quite interesting.

  76. The wicker man , it was always going to be difficult to match up to Edward Woodward but he did it superbly. A spine chilling horror classic !!!!!!!

  77. Leaving Las Vegas lots of good acting

  78. National Treasure was good and he played a good major role in that film.

  79. Leaving Las Vegas. He did a great job of playing a broken alcoholic. He’s been in some great films, but some terrible ones too. The Trust looks good and I’m interested to see him next to Elijah Wood.

  80. Face/Off, a superb plot , believable characters and medical procedures that are now possible.

  81. Peggy Sue Got Married – not the greatest film but for Kathleen Turner would have been one of the worst.

  82. I think it was Face/Off, and I quite liked it! That line about the tongue creeped me the hell out though… blergh

  83. My first Nicolas Cage film was Face/Off which was mental

  84. Con Air…….at that age and that time I loved it!

  85. It Could Happen to You – very sweet & still a nice sunday afternoon film

  86. National Treasure – I watched it three times – Fantastic

  87. The Rock in the cinema, i thought it was a brilliant film

  88. Ghost Rider was a good film

  89. Face off was an amazing film. On the edge of your seat from start to finish.

  90. Leaving Las Vegas – very good!

  91. It was Wild at Heart. I was a little kid who was into Twin Peaks and my parents let me watch Wild at Heart even though it was an 18 and I wasn’t even double digits. I thought it was just weird. I didn’t get it at all.

    Looking back, my parents should have vetted what I watched a bit better.

  92. i love love FACE OFF and SNAKE EYES

  93. Has to be ‘Vampire’s Kiss (i think thats its tital) puts a new look on Mr Cage eaten a Cockroach mmmmm

  94. Leaving Last Vegas, I thought it was going to be a comedy. It was a confusing first 10 minutes, but an excellent film.

  95. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. I thought it was beautiful, well acted and amazing setting

  96. I’m showing my age – but it was Rumble Fish. Nic had a smaller role, but it was the 1st of many many MANY silly haircuts that would continue throughout his career 🙂

  97. Raising Arizona was the first film I remember seeing him in. It was light but entertaining and he was excellent.

  98. It was Con Air for me.

  99. It was Face/Off which is one of my favourite action films. Brilliant OTT performance from Cage. He’s completely insane as Castor Troy.

  100. Wild at Heart, mental 🙂

  101. Face/Off and I loved all the action

  102. Leaving Las Vegas showed he had real acting ability

  103. Face/Off as it was like something from the future at the time and really worked!

  104. Leaving Las Vegas- definately a film you won’t forget

  105. Leaving Las Vegas – he deserved the Best Actor Oscar that he won

  106. The Rock, if jus for the surname Goodspeed!

  107. Peggy sue got married he was great in that

  108. First one I remember watching was Lord of War – absolutely loved it for some reason. It’s not usually my type of film. I’m sure I’ve seen more, but that’s the first one I remember watching. 🙂

  109. City of Angels. It was the first DVD my parents ever had. It’s my favourite film still!

  110. gone in 60 seconds epic film from start to finish.

  111. The Rock – Not too bad, pretty standard action movie

  112. Raising Arizona – good all round entertainment and fine acting from Mr. Cage and others

  113. I first saw him in Peggy sue got married, but only found out he was in it a few years later!

  114. Con Air

  115. Con Air – amazing film )

  116. Con Air. Dodgy accent aside, great performance. Genuine humour in the film – John Malkovich and Steve Buscemi were also excellent in it.

  117. National treasure and I loved it

  118. Raising Arizona was the first Nicholas Cage film I saw!

  119. I remember ‘The Rock’ vividly, his appearance with Sean Connery was one of my favourite films of my youth

  120. Wild at Heart. Funny

  121. Probably Leaving Las Vegas, which I thought was great, even though it’s not the most uplifting film of all time!

  122. The one I first watched where I noticed him was City of Angels. I enjoyed it though it made me cry in places.

  123. Gone in 60 seconds as it was my first encounter with him!

  124. Oops sorry misread … Gone in 60 seconds was my favourite because it was my first encounter with him and in addition I adore Angelina Jolie so that is why I watched it so delightful jollification really.

  125. I think the first film I saw him in was ConAir and I think thats prob one of his best (that and leaving las vegas)

  126. Unfortunately it was the Wicker Man. I thought it was hilarious.

  127. Rumble Fish, loved that film…him not so much. Preferred Con Air…. define irony

  128. CON AIR and I thought it was an awesome action movie

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