Live Feed (2006)

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Live Feed (2006)

(18) Running time: 77 minutes

Director: Ryan Nicholson

Writers: Roy Nicholson, Ryan Nicholson

Starring: Kevan Ohtsji, Taayla Markel, Stephen Chang

Reviewed by: Matt Wavish, official HCF critic

Directed by Ryan Nicholson, the man behind the savage and hugely offensive Gutterballs has made yet another vicious film that glorifies all things horrible, violent and brutally nasty. This guy has a sick and twisted imagination and at times you can’t help but applaud it. As with Gutterballs, the budget here is nonexistent, and you can’t really call what the cast are doing acting, it horrendous. But where this film makes up for all that is in its violence and if you wanna lose yourself in a film that has the most basic of plots and lots of nudity and extreme violence, then this is it. I must say, even though I’m not keen on the guys choice of actors, budget, plot, or anything really, I do like his ideas and believe if he was given a proper budget, some good actors and a inventive story, this director could be the new Rob Zombie. Basically here a group of friends go to Japan for a holiday, on a night out one of them accidentally knocks in to a Yakuza boss (a terrible terrible actor by the way), this offends the Boss and another guy comes to the rescue and gets them all the hell out of dodge. For some sick reason, they all decide to go to a sex hotel and book some rooms. When they get there they find the rooms to be less than appealing.

Anyway, later on the Yakuza Boss arrives and pays to see the friends tortured in their rooms on camera for his own enjoyment. The torturer himself (the guy on the cover) is a savage brute of a man and not the kind of guy you would want to meet in a dark alley). Some of the deaths are very impressive. One girl is attacked by a tiny, martial arts expert who dances around her with a plastic tube, and then suddenly shoves it in her mouth so hard it won’t come out. He then proceeds to feed her a live snake  Its a depraved film that isn’t particularly great, i just think the director is gonna make it big at some point so catch his early stuff while you can.

Rating: ★★★★½☆☆☆☆☆


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