PREY – Part 3 of the Bloody Cuts Anthology

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Bloody Cuts #3 – Prey
Starring Fergal Philips, Jessica Blake and David Blood

British film team Bloody Cuts have just released the third installment of their 13 short horror film anthology, entitled PREY.

Tom (Fergal Philips), a handsome 20-something year old guy wakes up in his bed after a night out. He has flashes of the previous night’s activities and what we are treated to is quite ugly. It appears Tom slipped a date rape drug into a young woman’s drink and the night ensues as Tom follows through with his cruel intentions. These scenes are filmed beautifully and it is clear to see how the Bloody Cuts team are benefiting from the use of the RED camera, as used by Hollywood film directors. The particular shot of the two in the bar reminds me of the expensive French perfume adverts. Stylish, slow motion, dark with the use of ‘bloody’ red and the minimal use of light accentuating the lead actor’s chiseled cheek bones is quite remarkable. It’s sexy but at the same time horrific and the use of the red filter cleverly conveys both the romance and the horror of the situation. These flashbacks merge back into present day as Tom wakes up alone but hears movement in his bathroom. A brief chat with his housemate gives the impression that Tom has done this before and although he looks quite the ladies man, he is actually a cruel, twisted predator preying upon women. Tom should realise that his actions aren’t without consequence and that the hunter will soon become the hunted….

Jessica Blake plays the young woman Suzie and shows many sides to her character at different points in the short film. David Blood’s small role as the housemate is quite significant as his observations enforce certain aspects of the story to give us a bigger picture. The three actors give a solid performance withing being too over the top. Like with most horrors, subtlety is the key and through facial expressions the actors build a complex character in a short amount of time.

The Bloody Cuts team successfully raised over $2000 in their indiegogo campaign and that money will be used to help create this running success. The films are going from strength to strength and are looking more professional each time. The Bloody Cuts team are a dedicated, passionate bunch who are extremely talented and successfully blend old style scares with a modern edge.
What’s next for the Bloody Cuts team? Well, they have 10 more short films to treat us with so keep that cushion at hand, you’ll need it to hide behind when the next onslaught of bloody fantastic films are released.

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