The Orphan Killer (2011)

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The Orphan Killer (2011)

(TBC) Running time: 83 minutes

Director: Matt Farnsworth

Writer: Matt Farnsworth

Starring: Diane Foster, David Backus, Matt Farnsworth

Reviewed by: Matt Wavish, official HCF critic

Matt Farnsworth’s new and brutal horror, The Orphan Killer, arrives amongst one hell of a campaign to gain interest in the film. Before the onslaught of images, clips and trailers a Facebook page was set up with the target of reaching 100,000 likes. With a helpful push from not only the marketing guys, but also from websites like ourselves, the film has gone on the reach its goal of fans, what it now has to do is to please them. With the film currently only available through the official website, it is not an easy film to get hold of, but it should be. The Orphan Killer is glorious, over the top, sadistic, twisted and incredibly sick fun, and then some!

I am reading a number of reviews where people are complaining at the lack of quality, poor acting, script and blah blah blah, but come on, what did you expect? The Orphan Killer is a trash horror, and bloody proud of it too! Ferocious killings take place over loud, bloody awful heavy metal music and all this adds to the charm. This is no high quality Rob Zombie picture with crisp, clean edits and polished production, this film feels like it has come right from the depths of Hell and its intention is to upset and, I suppose, piss off the viewer. The film follows all the basic rules of horror, and then turns them on their head in wonderful fashion. It is a slasher film, through and through, but Marcus Miller the Orphan Killer (yes, that is how the song goes!) is one interesting and twisted individual.

It is a brave move to have your killer speak as much as Miller does, and when he does speak here at first it sounds a little pathetic as he whispers to his victims, but as the film goes on it becomes all the more disturbing as he is just so darned calm about everything. He will creep you out as he states “Before I send you to Peter, you will hurt” or “nothing quite tastes like Priest” as he likes the blood off a Priests severed limb. See, Miller has been damaged since he was a kid, sent to an Orphanage with his Sister Audrey, the pair dreamed of getting out and having a better life. Audrey did, however Marcus was left behind, largely due to the fact the Nuns at the Orphanage made him wear a hideous mask to control his behaviour. Punished for his violence, the Nuns just did not know what to do with him, even beating him didn’t work, in fact it would appear he actually enjoyed it. He does, however, hate the Church, proof of which can be seen as he burns a Priests picture, or the placement of his treasured machete on a cross.

Years later at the same Orphanage, Audrey arrives to help put on a show, but Marcus the Orphan Killer has returned and he wants revenge. Audrey is top on his list for leaving him behind all those years ago, but thankfully for us, Marcus will take on anyone who gets in his way and what follows is a savage, unrelenting horror the serves up one brutal, violent death after another. There are vile scenes of limbs being chopped off, a hunting knife being driven through someone’s face, a head stamp bringing back memories of Drive or Irreversible, there’s even a gratuitous head chopping off scene! Yes, there is plenty of crimson on show here. It is not perfect, the film is very rough around the edges, but it is films like this which make horror so exciting. At times in any genre a persons need for perfection blinds them of their need to actually make something good. Thankfully Farnsworth has said bollocks to perfection, lets just make something to please slasher fans and give them something to talk about, and talk about it they shall.

With his ultra creepy mask on Miller is an awesome sight, and David Backus plays him almost to perfectly. Diane Foster plays Audrey incredibly well, and for what this poor girl has to go through, she stands up to her role bravely and convincingly. Anyone else who appears is simply there to create more bloodshed! From the opening twisted version of the classic Lost Boys song, to scenes of torture, to unexpected jumpy moments to moments that  just make you cry out in amusement and horror (see Miller headbutt the glass window to remove the first exe rather than open it like a normal person) to the more grounded pervy moments that belong in the majority of horrors (the always brilliant shower scene is present and correct), this film has it all!

Ahhh, this film is just fun, good, nasty fun that just might make you bring up your dinner if you are not too careful. I do love my serious horror, but when something comes along as flawed but over the top and fun as this, you cannot help but love it. It won’t suit everyone’s taste, but for those who don’t mind their horror to be a little bit ropey and very very violent, then this is for you. A Friday night horror to enjoy over a few beers, eating during the film is not recommended!

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆

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