Fringe Season 4 Episode 8 “Back to where you’ve never been” (Contains plot spoilers)

(Contains plot spoilers)

The long awaited episode 8 “Back to where you’ve never been” has finally arrived, and what a wait it has been!!!! I was very thankful of the mini recap this time as to be honest, it did take a while for the story to come back to me!! Maybe a little too long a wait in my opinion that you sort of lose the momentum of the story!! Anyway, here we go…….

Peter is still convinced that he’s in the wrong universe and is still failing to get any help or support from Walter in his efforts to try and get back to where he has come from. Peter has no choice other than to go to the parallel universe and ask Walternate for his help, but he needs Olivia’s help in doing this! As they can’t access the parallel universe via the machine room without being noticed, Lincoln manages to get hold of Walter’s original dimension-crossing device that Walter used to get to the parallel universe initially, however, in this timeline, the machine was acquired by Massive Dynamic. Lincoln plans to cross with Peter, but disguised as his parallel self so he can get Peter to Walternate.

They travel to the Orpheum Theatre, where we saw William Bell disappear into non-existence in a previous series, and make the journey over to the parallel universe. However, it isn’t long until Lincoln is exposed and he and Peter are arrested. Whilst on their way back to Fringe headquarters, the driver in their car receives a call and suddenly changes course.  With Fauxlivia and the parallel Lincoln on route to apprehend Peter and our Lincoln, Peter eventually gets the upper hand and shoots the driver, and manages to get away convincing ourLincolnto stay and deal with Fauxlivia and parallel Lincoln!! Argh too many bloomin Lincolns!!

They take ourLincoln to Fringe headquarters and lock him in a closet, Fauxlivia convinced that something is up with Walternate after he took them off the shapeshifters case, suspicious that Walternate might be behind it!

Peter pays a visit to his mother, Elizabeth, who understands his situation, and even though the police finally turn up to arrest Peter, Elizabeth convinces them that she can deal with it and takes Peter to Walternate on his request. Peter warns Walternate that the other side doesn’t trust him as they think he is responsible for the new breed of shapeshifters that have appeared. On hearing this news, Walternate requests his lead scientist, Brandon, to come in, and Brandon vouches for Walternate. In a shock move, Walternate knocks Brandon unconscious with some sort of tazer gun, who turns out to be a shapeshifter!!!! Walternate tells Peter that he has suspicions that the shapeshifters were gaining presence in his government and the only way he could detect them was by using the gun, apparently ineffective if used on humans!!! Good to hear!!! He asks Peter to return to the other side and try to build bridges, get them to trust Walternate and convince them he is not behind these attacks. Walternate tells Peter that he believes that Peter is the only one who can do this as he is neutral to both sides, and the only one he can actually trust. In return, Walternate promises to help Peter get back to his own timeline.

After some investigation, Fauxlivia and parallel Lincoln locate where the phone call to the driver came from, and they depart after Broyles’ agrees for them to further investigate. However, immediately afterwards, Broyles phones David Robert Jones (yep, David Robert Jones who was cut in half in Season 1 whilst attempting to cross universes in the prison cell) and warns him that the two are on their way – we then see a load of shapeshifters being cloned in Jones’ laboratory!!!

Finally, we return to our universe, and Olivia has just woken up in the theatre where Peter and Lincoln departed from. However, one of the Observer’s is sitting there will a bullet wound to the chest and warns Olivia that he has seen all possible futures, and they all result in Olivia dying! Before she can get any help, he then disappears!!

Well!!!! Quite a few things going on in this episode and more and more questions are appearing by the minute. I just hope that they aren’t making the show far too complicated so that when all the answers are revealed, we aren’t left a little bemused and that the writers have just tried too hard to be clever. I love Fringe and really would just like it to not set itself up to fail!! Time will tell. It is interesting, however, that Walternate now appears to be a good guy and that Olivia is presumably going to die at some point! Is this the penalty for Peter returning – is his existence always going to bring about some sort of pain and his deletion from existence is just inevitable??

What is clear at the moment, is due to the shift in timelines, it would appear that anyone who has died or got injured in any of the previous episodes may have survived in this timeline, therefore leaving a big opportunity to bring back any of the characters. Of which I welcome the return of David Robert Jones, a truly wonderful villain and certainly commands the screen when he is present. I wait in anticipation for the next episode.

By Kirsty Wavish

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