DEATH SCENE OF THE WEEK: Sayid’s Feet Neck Snap [LOST]

Once upon a time there was a US television programme conceived by JJ Abrams called LOST that captured the minds of millions around the world. The programme was about a magical island and after spinning us a story of polar bears, baby snatchers and time travel for 7 solid years, the final episode explained NOTHING! However, the first 5 series were pretty cool and it was the season 3 finale called Through the Looking Glass were people raved about a certain death, or rather the method of causing a death.

Sayid Jerrah, played by Naveen Andrews, was among a group of Oceanic Flight 815 survivors on the island who decided to fight back against the bloodthirsty Others. After a tip-off from a friendly rogue Other about the Others plan to attack and kidnap the pregnant women in the survivor’s camp, Jin, Sayid and Bernard rig up the tents with dynamite to explode when shot at. However their plan backfires when they are kidnapped after missing one of the shots and they are tied up by the Others. Fortunately for Jin, Sayid and Bernard, Hurley drives a van across the beach into the Others where Sayid and the other captives gain the upper hand and Sayid executes the most insanely cool neck snap in the history of mankind: with his feet!

This death method was talked about all over the internet message boards at the time as being one of the coolest action sequences in the programme, with Sayid hailed as an ‘ultimate badass’. Rightly so! For that reason, Sayid’s Feet Neck Snap is my DEATH SCENE OF THE WEEK

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