Death Scene of the Week – Bobby Peru (Wild at Heart)

Wild at Heart (1990) David Lynch (Dir) – Death of Bobby Peru

Bobby Peru (William Defoe) is still one of my favourite Lynch creations. Perhaps only topped by Dennis Hopper’s Frank in Blue Velvet, Bobby steals every scene he appears in.  Peru is involved in a bank robbery with the film’s lead character, Sailor (Nic Cage). It emerges that his main aim is not in stealing the money but killing Sailor as he has been hired to kill him. Unfortunaely for the hitman with the dental problems, the local police open fire resulting in him accidently blowing his brains high into the sky above. Perhaps one of the greatest deaths ever to hit the silver screen. Better to blow your brains out than to fade away.


Wild at Heart remains another fine entry in the Lynch catalogue of the weird and wonderful.  Combining Elvis music, Wizard of Oz imagery and offbeat road movie pacing, the project is always throwing up stunning images and freakish characters. If you’ve not seen it yet then why the hell not?


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  1. Ah, brilliant! I love Wild at Heart, and this scene really sticks with you! David Lynch is a mad genius, and Defoe is wonderfully creepy in this. A well deserved comeuppance!

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