Fringe Season 4 Episode 13 “A Better Human Being” (Contains plot spoilers)

(Contains plot spoilers)

Episode 13, “A Better Human Being” kicks off with Peter being quite concerned at Olivia’s sudden memories from “his” Olivia and gets Walter to give her the once over, although Walter doesn’t find anything wrong with her brain but he takes some hair samples from her to undergo some further tests. Poor old Olivia looks totally disheartened at Peter’s sudden distance as she obviously is feeling what’s she’s feeling, and nothing is going to change that! After Olivia leaves the lab, Walter has a go at Peter for possibly contributing to what was happening to Olivia through telling and sharing memories with Olivia, particularly as when she was a child, she was emotionally connected to other people. What is also interesting is the link between Walter and Peter is definitely getting stronger, instigated by Walter himself, probably without knowing it! Maybe that is Walter adjusting to the original timeline as well, just a more subtle approach!

The Fringe case for the week involves a young man called Sean, who resides in a mental institution and during a nightmare, recounts a murder of a reported committed by three teenage boys. Sean describes that he can hear the voices outside of his head and Walter concludes that Sean and the teenagers must have some sort of telepathic link. Walter tells Sean that he must come of his medication as it may go to some lengths to help identify who the voices are. Details of the voices that Sean had already heard leads the Fringe team to an underground toilet, where they find blood from one of the injured teenagers. However, the DNA from the blood doesn’t come up with an identity but Walter concludes that the DNA is similar to that of Sean’s, which can only be the case if they shared a common ancestry.

Olivia and Lincoln pay a visit to Sean’s mother, where they find out that Sean was conceived through IVF. They also find out that the reporter that was murdered actually visited Sean’s mother only a few days previously and was investigating the IVF process.  Therefore Walter believes that the Sean is hearing voices from other people who have been conceived from the same IVF treatment, therefore, sharing the same genetics.

The Fringe team undertake further investigation and pay a visit to Dr Owen Frank, who initially performed the treatment, and confesses that he meddled with his own DNA and donated samples, trying to create a “better human being” and reintroduce more natural and intuitive traits back into the population. Walter deduces that these teenagers who are killing are doing so to prevent their existence becoming known to the general public, hence the reason why they killed the investigative reporter, and comparing the killers to bees protecting their hive, forming a “collective identity”. Dr Frank assists the Fringe team by allowing them access to the location where his files are held, however, unbeknown to the team, the IVF offspring have already arrived and are waiting to pounce!!!!

Olivia and Peter locate the files, during which Olivia brings up information that she would have come across in the original timeline, information that Peter did not know, leading them to believe that Peter is not contributing to Olivia’s sudden memories from a different timeline. Hmm……

Sean starts to hear voices again, scheming to attack Olivia and Peter, and Astrid gets hold of them both in time for them to retaliate, and subsequently capture their assailants. During which another group of teenagers attacks and kills Dr Frank. But in doing so, Sean no longer hears the voices, and the connection is severed.

Back to Olivia’s sudden memory gains, and Walter has discovered that from analysing Olivia’s hair samples, that she has recently been given the drug cortexiphan, and on a regular basis. Walter and Lincoln pay a visit to Nina Sharp and order her to allow them to inspect the cortexiphan samples, stored at Massive Dynamic. However, on inspection of the vials, Walter notices that the cortexiphan has been replaced with food colouring!!!!! Nina is busted!!!!!!

Meanwhile, on their way home, Olivia and Peter stop at a petrol station and talks to Peter about their life together in the original timeline, with Peter telling her that he can tell from looking into her eyes that she and the original Olivia are identical, something he didn’t see before (awwww!!!!). They kiss (Yay!!!!!!!!!!) and Olivia nips to the toilet (as you do just after a romantic kiss!). But after some time has passed, Peter realises that she has disappeared. The final scene is of Olivia waking up in a dingy and dark room, sitting opposite a very tired looking Nina, both of them tied up!! Nina tells her that everything is going to be alright!!!!!!!

Right, didn’t see that one coming!! So which universe does the tied up Nina come from and who is the Nina running Massive Dynamic?? Heck!!! And when did the switch happen?? Has it always been this way with the evil Nina scheming something up (and clearly working with Davy Jones) or did the evil Nina come in when we saw Olivia gassed in her apartment a few episodes ago!!! One thing that has been overlooked that everyone is now talking about is that the evil Nina (or more officially known as Alt Nina) has been wearing open fingered gloves, something that our Nina does not!!! Plus, in “Wallflower” we saw Nina for the first time not really understanding about the cortexiphan trials and Olivia’s involvement!! Hmmm…. right under our noses as well!!!

After watching this episode, it is making me think more and more that this is the world that Peter disappeared from, and that when he left, the gaps were automatically filled with another scenario – one that never had Peter exist in it. Now that Peter is back, the timeline is readjusting, explaining Olivia’s memories and Walter’s sudden fatherly actions towards his son. We are probably seeing more in Olivia and Walter than anyone else due to the fact that they were closest to Peter, therefore more had to change when he was erased from the timeline. Just a stab in the dark!!!

By Kirsty Wavish

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