Fringe Season 4 Episode 15 “A short story about love” (Contains plot spoilers)

(Contains plot spoilers)

Episode 15 “A short story about love” involves a Fringe case where a number of wives have died, not long after the passing of their late husbands. One wife returns home after what appears to be the day of her husband’s funeral, only to find a very disfigured man standing in her apartment. She tried to run but the man grabs her. All of a sudden she goes from being horrified so a look of familiarity as he brings her head to his neck and they share a short embrace until the look of horror returns to her face, which he then wraps cling film around her face, suffocating her, and leaving her for dead!!!

After discovering the husband’s DNA on the body of the wife, Walter deduces that the killer is using pheromones taken from the husbands to use in order to get close to the wives, almost acting like a perfume which lures the wives into thinking that it is their lover in front of them. If you watch the film Perfume, you’ll get the gist of it!!!

Through analysis of the DNA picked up, they also identify the killer to be Anson Carr, who used to work at a perfume company and suffer from a rare skin disease. However, by the time they get to Carr’s home, they find another dead husband who literary looks like he has been drained in a dehydration chamber and they try to get to the husband’s wife, Diana, in time before Carr gets there first. No attack comes and while listening to Diana talking about her relationship with her husband and that they seemed to have grown apart, Olivia realises that the husband must have been having an affair, and after Diana gave the team her name, the rush to her house, only to find Carr on top of her after releasing the perfume onto her, and attempting to kill her after it had worn off.

As Olivia takes Carr away and asks him if he realises the hurt and pain he has caused, Carr tells her that he was simply trying to find out what love is, and through this discovery, he wanted the whole world to experience it.

During the episode, after Nina becomes concerned with what’s happening to Olivia and the loss and gain of memories, Olivia goes to Walter for help after her recent rejection from Peter and the fact she no longer wants to feel the way she does, hoping that Walter may be able to reverse what’s happening to her memories so that she can go back to her old self. But during the case, when listening to Diana when waiting for Carr to attack, Olivia realises that she is in love with Peter, as opposed to just loving him, and she decides to let what’s happening to her run its course, much to Nina’s apprehension!

Also, during the episode, Peter, thinking he’s doing the right thing staying away from Olivia, decides to leave for New York, that is before Walter finds out and asks him to come back to help him with a discovery he has made on the footage recorded of the Observer, September, during his time in the lab, and when put into slow motion, the other Observers can be seen collecting September’s body and taking it away. When Peter arrives at the lab, Walter discovers something else in Peter’s eye, which turns out to be an address, left by September. Peter goes to check it out and comes across some nifty equipment including a little device that leads him to a torpedo shaped pod in the middle of a forest!

Peter takes it home and tries to figure out how to open/activate it, and all of a sudden it activates and shoots some sort beam upwards and Peter pegs it upstairs to see what’s going on only to find September standing in the beam. September explains that the pod is a sort of beacon and after the Observers hid the universe from him (sounds like some sort of game!!!), only Peter could activate the pod which would allow September to return.

And finally, September answers the question we have been asking since Peter reappeared in this universe…. this is his universe, his timeline and his home and he was never properly erased from time as the love that those such as Olivia and Walter felt was so strong,  this essentially allowed him to return. And yes, the Olivia in this timeline is Peter’s Olivia!!!! Yay!!!!! The episode finishes with a glum looking Olivia returning home, only to be greeted by Peter with a big and very welcome kiss!!!!

Right, a few things about this episode, and for the moment I have to contain my excitement about what’s happening with Olivia and Peter!!!! I did find the Fringe case for this week a bit weak. I loved the idea they used about using the pheromones as perfume, and the whole putting the husband into the dehydration chamber, with what must have been the most excruciating ways to die, was pretty horrific!!! But I didn’t feel like they explained Carr’s reasoning for the murders or his disfigurement at all really, no depth at all to be honest. We even saw Carr looking at a picture of what I can only presume is his wife, but again, no further explanation.

I did feel quite sorry for Lincoln in this episode though, as he clearly fancies the pants of Olivia and if it wasn’t for Peter returning, those two probably would have hit it off. I do wonder though how many scenes we are going to see now of his puppy dog eyes longing for Olivia!!!

I am, on the other hand, getting more and more excited about the Observers, and loved the whole quest Peter had to go on to unknowingly bring September back to this universe. The whole series finally seems to be heading towards the end and answering some of those longed for questions. And not to mention that Peter and Olivia are finally back together (hoping it may last a little longer this time!!!).

Just to throw something else in there as well, is Olivia still going to die?? That seems to have gone off the radar a little!!! September has talked about Peter getting back together with Olivia to restore balance, but isn’t it planned that she will snuff it at some point? Therefore, undoing the balance. More questions ……

By Kirsty Wavish

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