SPIDER DANGER – A Short Film by Andrea Ricca

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Directed by Andrea Ricca
Written by Andrea Ricca
Starring Andrea Ricca

It’s quite fitting that I’ve been chosen to review Spider Danger, being HCF’s resident arachnophobe.
Spider Danger follows a man who awakens one night to find his pet spider has mutated and birthed a mass amount of offspring. He must survive the onslaught of 8-legged beasties including the big mama who’s gonna need more than a can of ignited bug repellent spray to be exterminated.

Andrea Ricca has created this 5 minute film in it’s entirity with only help for the score from Antonio De Luise. Not only does he star in the film, but he has also created the 3D CGI arachnids we see in the film. Shot with zero budget, Andrea shows how you can make a fun B-movie monster horror without the need of a plentiful cash supply or a team of people, though obviously that would be a bonus.

Most of the film is set inside the house and the action gets going quickly from the start. The CGI effects give a 50’s B-Movie feel to the film and work considerably well for this short. A lot of hard work and passion has been put into the film by Ricca and it is obvious he enjoys what he does. The film has a simple story which is executed in Ricca’s unique way and includes a nice treat of an ending to get your teeth into. Even if you’re an arachnophobe like I am, you’ll still enjoy this little flick.

For more info, visit www.andrearicca.com

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