Games Britannia: REPLAYED

Games Britannia is a different kind of gaming expo. Taking place at Rotherham’s Magna science centre, it is parts gaming expo, cultural festival, art exhibition and educational conference, with a host of diverse zones intended to entertain and immerse everyone. From hands on previews of forth coming titles such as Tales of Graces F, Ni No Kuni from Namco Bandai, and Sega’s Sonic Racing All-stars Transformed, to a celebration of 40 years of the British games industry, as well as some of the top indie developers showcasing their wares. Also at hand to entertain is the Minecraft zone, where you can show off your crafting skills or punish your friends in the multiplayer zone with the likes of Mario Kart 64 and 8-player Bomber-man.

All of that is just a drop in the ocean, as Nintendo will be bringing their unleashed tour to Games Britannia, allowing you to sample their forthcoming titles as well as the chance to win some fabulous money-can’t-buy-prizes! And that’s not to mention the array of other consoles and handhelds available to play, as well as some classic arcade cabinets, too. Mobile gaming, something that has been on a phenomenal rise thanks to smart phones, is also a main feature at the event, which will allow you to sample some of the best games that tablets and phones have to offer. And if all of that is not enough, there will also be several tournaments taking place, be it the old school classics like Sensible Soccer, or the current daddy of the soccer sims, FIFA 12, or if Street Fighter is more you thing, there’s plenty to compete with.

Not only that, but there will be special guests in the form of Football Manager creators, Miles Jacobson and Kevin Toms, to celebrate 30 years of the franchise (I still cherish the memories of the first one on my Electron!), as well as an appearance from Goldeneye 64 producer, Martin Hollis, who will be talking with the man charged with bringing the classic up to date for today’s consoles, Tony Willis.

HCF will be in attendance, and will bring you a full report of this weekend of the past, present and future of gaming. See you there!


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